Friday, June 17, 2011

Green Lantern, Pretty Good

The Green Lantern was pretty good. There was action and storyline and a hot dude. There wasn't as much action and fighting as I would have liked, but whatever.
The movie starts off by telling the story of how Abin Sur beat Parallax and then it shows how Parallax gets out. It then shows Hal Jordan (Ryan Renyolds) who is a test pilot who likes to shirk responsibility. At the start, Hal is flying to test out new unmaned drones and while he does this, he gets scared and starts thinking about the past, when his dad died testing a plane. Well in space, Abin Sur trys to beat Parallax, but wounds him. So Abin Sur goes to Earth to find the new Lantern for the Green Lantern Corp. The ring chooses Hal and takes him to the Green Lantern Corps home planet, where he learns to use the ring. Hal doesn't want the responsibility and tells the Green Lanterns no. Well the government finds Abin Sur's body and calls in a zenobiologist, Hector. Well Hector gets infected by the junk that Parallax used to kill Abin Sur. This draws Parallax to Earth and Hal has to fight Parallax.
This movie is good for people who like comicbooks and superheroes. If that is your style, then see the movie. There is even some romance and shiz in the movie too for all the girls, and also a hot dude for the girls. The movie is rated PG-13 for some violence and some mild language. This movie wasn't super great but still something to see.

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