Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Movie The Fighter

This is a trailer for the new movie called The Fighter. It's with Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. Mikey Ward (Mark Wahlberg) is low time boxer who is no good at all. His brother (Christian Bale) tries to help him but to no avail. Well in history, Mikey Ward gets good and kicks butt.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Trailer for Evil Dead 2
So once apon a time, a B-list movie came out in the long ago year of 1981. This movie is called The Evil Dead, which is an epic zombie-ish movie. Well the other day I watched the sequel, The Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn.  This movie was sooooooooo funny. I was laughing so hard.
The movie starts out with our main character and hero, Ash (Bruce Campbell), and his girlfriend (who dies in the first 10 min of the movie). Well, there is this book called The of the Dead and if you read it, the evil spirits posses bodies and dead bodies and all that jazz. Well in the first one, Ash is the only survivor and in the second one, he does the same exact thing to bring the dead back. His girlfriend gets infected and he has to behead her with a shovel. So he gets hauled up in this cabin and a bunch of strangers come and try to help him and all that.
The funniest part of the movie is that his dead girlfriend's head comes and bites his hand. Well the bite gets infected with the demon plague stuff and his hand tries to kill him. That part made me laugh cause his hand was freaking out and trying to fight him and smash stuff over his head and all that. I think I will try to find a youtube vid of that.  Well he cuts his hand off with a chainsaw and his hand now plagues him through out the movie. The hand just runs around and attacks him and he tries to kill it. I was peeing my pants I was laughing so hard. The first Evil Dead was serious and ment to be really scary. The second movie was ment to be funny and it is. Now I will get the third movie, The Army of Darkness, on Monday. I'm so excited. This movie was epic!!
Bruce Campbell was really hot back in the day when he did these movies. And he was crazy ripped, too. I will try to find a picture but in the movie his shirt gets ripped down an arm and his arm and shoulder flex and it was way hot. I could see every muscle under his skin, even in his shoulder. Oh my hot. He was good looking back in the day. Now he is old and fat (sound like someone we know?)
This is the really hot hot pic of his muscles. And here is the clip of this part and his awesome muscles.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Freaking Hilarious

I was browsing one of my favorite sites and I found this awesome music video. I will post the link so you can all enjoy and be happy like me.

So silly. And zombies are awesom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait until the Walking Dead on Halloween!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Epic Music

I found this new band while I was on itunes. These guys are epic awesome. The band is called Mutiny Within. I like their music. They are a progessive metal band. I will put up links to some of the good songs.



Year of Affliction I mainly like the chorus of this one

Falling Forever

Well I hope you like it, but I know this is not the style of most of my readers. My readers are into country music and lame stuff like that. Well you like what you like, I guess. Well have a good day to you and I hope you all Live Long and Prosper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I finally have all three extended editions of The Lord of the Rings!!! Now I have to find a 12 hour time slot to watch them all. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited. I can't wait. Well, I guess I will just have to watch them individually when I have a random 4 hour time slot. My friends, I think one weekend I will come home and we will watch all three of them in a row. Not this weekend of course, but that will be way crazy fun.
I now have the LOTR soundtrack running through my head. DA da da dada da da da da dada da dada. JK ;)  Haha. I love Lord of the Rings! Comment if you love Lord of the Rings too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

If you are a reader of my blog and are not officially following, you should follow!!!! :) Or at least make comments. This way I feel somewhat important and that someone has an opinion on what I have to say. It would make me happy! Oh and YEA for chicken butts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love people!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More TV Shows My Friends Get Me Watching

Well I spent about 3 hours yesterday watching a TV show that my friends got me watching. This time the show is Arrested Development. When I say 3 hours, I mean a lot of episodes because each episode is 20 mins long. Why do I have so much time to just waste. Well actually I should be happy that I have time to watch silly TV shows and movie and all the other random things I do.
Arrested Development is a TV show from 2003 about a rich, dydysfunctional family. When the dad gets put in jail for stealing money from the company and all those big business stealing things that stupid rich people do, his son Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman who is good looking) has to take over the family business. Michael is the only responsible person in his family. His sister, Lindsey, is one of those shop all the time people. Lindsey's husband, Tobias, decided to quit his job as a doctor or psychiatrist (one of those) to be an actor, but he sucks really bad. Michael's brothers, Gob (pronounced Job like in the Bible), is a failure of a magician and spends lots of money on props, and Buster, who has a million worthless college degrees like map making and junk like that, they both spend a lot of money. The mother, Lucille, loves to spend money and has a maid. Michael has a son, George Michael (Michael Cera), is also responsible, but Maeby (pronounced maybe) Lindsey's daughter, is not responsible and steals money from the family's banana stand. Michael's father, George, wont help Michael in anything that could possible help the family business. So his family is crazy.
The show is about their daily lives and the crazy things they do. The last episode I watched was about how Michael sleeps with a blind chick and finds out the the lady is the prosecutor for his dad's court case. So Tobias sneaks into her house to steal evidence, but it turns out she is not blind and it's funnier than crap. She almost his Tobias with a bat, but he sprays her in the eyes with perfume, which temporarily blinds her. So Michael tries to prove that she is blind and throws a Bible at her face to prove she will catch it. But she now actually can't see and it hits her square in the face. I was laughing pretty dang hard.
There is three seasons and I'm just finishing season one. This show is really funny and actually pretty clean. I think people should totally watch this show. I think they would like it and we can have another TV show that we quote from all the time.
From left to right in the back. Tobias, Lucille, George, Lindsey, Buster, George Michael, Maeby, Michael, Gob. What a silly picture.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hot guys and stupid movies.

Well I watched another stupid movie (of course). This movie is Never Cry Werewolf. I only watched it cause my new hottie, Peter Stebbings, was in it. This movie is like a mix of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Disturbia, a bit of Twilight, and a lot of stupid. I still liked it cause it was kind of weird and when a hot guy asks you to become a werewolf with him and "you will feel the carnal passion as you couple under the moonlight," I saw you hop on board because werewolves are cool and not stupid like vampires and the guy is really hot. Haha. Friends, you know my humor and my hobo brain so you should probably disreguard the previous thing I just said. Haha.
In Never Cry Werewolf, Lorin gets a hot new neighbor (Peter Stebbings) and he acts a little weird. She notices that he has hair palms, his eyes glow in the dark in one scene, people have gone missing and she saw him with one of the people, his dog is crazy and the dog understands him, and a few other things. So she decides that he is a werewolf, oh and guess what?, she happens to be right. So she tries to expose him, but that only gets her friend killed and her brother kidnapped. So she has to go all leather, bad-acery and get a cross bow to kill him.
So to kill a werewolf, you need silver, right? Well guess how she gets her silver. Silverware. She tapes silver forks and knives to arrows and shoots them out of her crossbow. Well that would work if the weight of the forks and knives didn't unbalance the arrows. Arrows are perfectly balanced and any change of the weight and they wont fly straight. So don't you think that sticking a half pound knive on an arrow that weighs about an eighth of a pound would make it so your arrow will just shoot straight down as soon as it leaves the crossbow. Well not in this movie. Really stupid. And to finally kill the werewolf, she shoots a silver shotgun barrel at the werewolf. Yeah freakin' right!!! Shotgun barrel would weight like 6 pounds. Totally lame action.
Well I didn't watch the movie for the movie, right? I watched it for a really hot guy. Peter Stebbings is hot and he rides a motorcycle in the movie and takes of his shirt and things like that. He is not super riped and tan like Paul Walker or Sean Faris, but hey most people aren't. So I will post some pictures from the movie.