Tuesday, October 26, 2010

100th Blog Post!!!!!!!!!!

Hey my sillies. This is my 100th blog post. Isn't that freakin awesome. Well for my 100th post I would like to tell you that I have made updates to my blog. Now you can look at posts by subject, take a poll (freakin sweet so do it!), and other stuff. I have been playing around and there is a ton of things you can do on blogger. This is sweet action. If you don't have a blog, get one and if you do, blog more!!! And have polls and stuff. This is way fun.
I have had this blog since Febuary and I have only blogged 100 times. That is kind of sad. As you can tell by the numbers that I had a phase of no blogging and I'm now in a phase of some blogging.
Halloween is this week and I'm super excited!!!!!!!!!! Halloween is my second favorite holiday after Shark Week. haha. What are you going to be for Halloween. Post a comment below about your costume.
This Halloween, I am going to have a scary movie marathon and on Sunday, I am going to watch The Walking Dead and go to my meeting for Humans vs. Zombies.
Next week, our school is doing a game called Humans vs. Zombies and I'm super excited. This game is a glorified game of tag. Everyone starts out as humans and there is one zombie. We all have bandanas to ID us. Humans wear it on the arm and zombies wear it on their head. Well the game is played that you can be tagged by zombies outside of building and humans can shoot the zombies with nerf guns or sock balls to make it so the zombies can't interact in the game for 15 min. If you get turned into a zombie, you have to "eat'' someone every 48 hours or you starve to death. The game ends when all the zombies starve or all the humans die. I'm sooooooo excited!!
Well have a great Halloween. I will post a pic of what I'm going to be for Halloween. This is from the zombie prom I went to forever ago.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

Last night, Paranormal Activity 2 came out and I went to see it at midnight with one of my friends. Man was that kind of a bad idea. This movie is kind of a prequel to the first movie it happens to Katie's sister about 3 months before the demon goes to her house. This movie scared me and I was jumping all of the time, but I only screamed once. The only bad thing is that it is rated R for some language and brief violent material (the f-bomb was dropped like 8 times and scary things happened).
So this family consisting of the mom (Katie from the first movie's sister), her husband, his daughter from his first marriage, and their one year old son. After a "break-in" the family installs a bunch of security cameras but the cameras don't catch any burglars, it catches the strange events going on at night and some times in the day. The daughter gets really freaked out so she looks up on line about demons and finds some interesting stuff. She reads that people make deals with demons for wealth or power or whatever and in payment they have to give up their first born son. If the person doesn't pay up, the demon stays with the family until it can get the first born son. Well the daughter finds out that her new brother is the only male to be born on her stepmom's side for like 50 years.
A bunch of freaky things happens and stuff like that. I'm not going to give away all of the movie, but I will say that it does tie into the first one. So if you are going to see this movie, make sure you have seen the first one. If you don't see the first one, make sure you have someone who has the first one. It will make a lot more sense. And make sure you watch it really late at night cause that is a lot more fun. ;)

I am going to put up one of the better trailers but some of the things in the trailer don't happen in the movie.
Scary scary.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Silly Movie Trailer

The other day, I was imdb.com looking at stuff and I found this freaking hilarious trailer. It's for a movie called Paul. There are these two syfi nerds driving across America to go to a convention or something and they come across an alien. It looks super silly. I want to see it.


These two guys were together in the movie Shaun of the Dead and that movie is really funny. I also looked up the cast and a ton of people from SNL and Arrested Development are in the movie. Comment on what you think of the trailer and if you are going to go see it.

Friday, October 15, 2010


This morning, I saw the new movie Red. This is a funny movie about a bunch of retired CIA agents. It starts out with Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) and he is having problems with retirement. Everyday he calls his pension worker lady, Sarah, just to talk to her and he likes her. Well one night, a bunch of people come to kill him so he kills all of them and goes to get Sarah cause they are probably out to kill her, too. Well he talks to a bunch of the people he used to work with and finds out that people want him and a bunch of them dead cause of work they did years earlier in Guatemala. They have to fight for their lives to uncover the secrets and they have to do it against a CIA assassin (Karl Urban <3).
This movie was really funny and they blew people up and there was a lot of guns and shooting and there was fighting and there was Karl Urban!!!!!! I like Karl, he is hot hot hot. But he gets his butt kicked by Bruce Willis. I was laughing to cause there were some funny jokes and funny parts and stuff. I really liked this movie and it was only rated PG-13 for violence and some language. So my friends could go see it if they wanted to.
Well the one part that I was laughing the hardest at was when Frank, Sarah, and the crazy Marvin are at a cargo place at an airport. They were trying to get away from a helicopter that was shooting at them and these other people have them trapped. Well Marvin has been carrying around a pink stuffed pig and he unzips it and pulls out a grenade launcher and shoots it at someone and they blow up. I don't know why I was laughing so hard, I guess it's just cause I didn't expect them to shoot it at the guy. I kind of expected them to shoot it near him so he dies that way.
He is so freaking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Found It Again

Today when I was making lunch, my roommate, Amy, played this song, and it always reminds me of this SNL digital short. I don't know what the name of the song or the artist is but it always makes me think of this video. It's freaking hilarious.

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If that doesn't work, here is the link to the site. http://videos.wittysparks.com/id/30059608/

Monday, October 4, 2010

Giant Fish At Cutler Reservoir

Guess what I did this week? Well in my fish diversity lab, we went to Cutler Reservoir in Bensen (North Logan area) to catch giant fish (as you could have probably inferred from the title). We were looking at different kinds of nets and how they catch fish. We had a few little minnow traps (that didn't catch much), a barrel net (which also didn't catch much), and a huge gill net (which are illegal in commercial fishing). The gill net is where we caught about a hundred fish which we had to untangle. Gill nets are nets that have opens that are about 2 inches, depending on what you want to catch, and when fish swim through them, they get stuck and when they try to swim back out of the net, the net gets caught on their gills.

Most fish will struggle and get even more tangled up, which makes it hard for us to untangle them and get them out before they drown. Well what we caught in our nets were walleye, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, and catfish. The thing about catfish is that they have spines on their dorsal fin and their pectoral fins that stick out and get even more caught in the net and stab you in the hands. So we spent an hour trying to get fish out of nets then we had to weigh and measure them. I was the one doing the weighing and measuring and these fish are huge!

 This fish was like 23 inches and 7 pounds!!! This is a Channel Catfish.

This is a bunch of Walleye. They were about 55 inches and about 6 pounds. Hugenormous fish!!!!!!!!!

Now This Is A Bird

Sweet Action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!