Friday, November 26, 2010

I Love Trailers

I love movies if you couldn't already tell, but what is almost as fun as the movie is the trailer. The trailer is just a sneek peek at what the movie will hold. They give you enough to get you interested and a little excited. Well, a while back I heard of a movie called The Eagle. This movie "In Roman-ruled Britain, a young Roman soldier endeavors to honor his father's memory by finding his lost legion's golden emblem (" The young Roman soldier is Channing Tatum and his has a slave, Jamie Bell, to help him.

Well this looks super cool and I will post the trailer because it is awesome.

The Eagle Poster

Monday, November 22, 2010


Well it's not the Treasure Hunt that we were promised a couple of months ago (which comes out in January), but this one is still hilarious.

This is The Teleporter: A Mini Interactive Adventure.

So enjoy and love chadmattandrob!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Double or Nothing

Well, Friday night my friends convinced me to go to a concert for the Ogden band called Double or Nothing. Now, I'm  glad I did cause they are pretty good and most of them were good looking. Their music was a little more on the pop side but good. The cool part is that one of their main instraments is the electric violin and man is it good. The concert was great and I bought their cd. The band members live in Ogden and go to Weber State. So if you here of them or hear of a concert, GO! You will not regret it.

The one on the end and the two on the other end are cute and the second one on the left is not cute but he is the only one that has a girlfriend.  Haha.
Check out their music

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Firefly and Serenity

Hey my sillies. I just finished another tv series (this one was short so don't think that I spend all my time watching movies and tv shows jk). The show that I watched is called Firefly made by Joss Whedon (the same dude who made Buffy and Angel). This show has a western and sify mix to it. The 2002 series only had one season, which is too bad. I also watched the movie that went with it called Serenity. I greatly enjoyed both of them.
The show is based in the year 2540 A.D. The Earth's resources were used up and there were too many people, so people set out in spaceships and colonized a new solarsystem. They "terraformed" planets to make them like Earth and lived on them. The central planets created a government and called them the Alliance. The outer planets didn't like the Alliance rule so they rebelled but lost. That is where you meet the star of the show. Malcom Reynolds (hottie Nathan Fillion) fights in the war against the Alliance in the Battle of the Valley of Serenity. Well then it goes to 6 years later. He is a captain on a firefly class spaceship called Serenity with his crew.
His crew consists of his war buddy Zoe, her husband and the pilot Wash, a mechanic named Kaylee, his crazy gun man Jayne, and a companion (like a geisha) named Inara. They are a smuggling and crime gang. After a heist, they pick up passengers to cover the heist. There they pick up a shepard (priest) named Book, a doctor named Simon, and another dude. When they are flying around in space, a transmission goes out to an Alliance outpost and the crew has to figure out who did it. Well they think it is Simon so they get into his stuff and find that he has a girl in cryosleep. The girl is his sister River who he broke out of an Alliance facility that were torchering her and doing things to her brain. The person who sent out the signal was the random dude who turns out to be an Alliance hunter. He tries to get Simon and River to take them back so the Alliance can have River. They kill the hunter man and have to fight off the Alliance. At the end of the first episode they decided to keep the shepard and the brother and sister. The show goes on from there.
The movie came out in 2005 and picked up right were the tv show left off. They try to figure out what the Alliance wanted with River and they tried to fix her brain. It was all action-full and cool. There were spaceships flying around and people shooting each other and epic fights. It was pretty cool and a little sad cause some of the main characters died. :(
I will put up pictures and links so you all can check it out. And you can watch episodes on imdb. firefly serenity Opening credits to the show Someone made this with the movie and the show

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Serious Issue

Hey my friends. In school, I have been writing papers on a serious issue that has strong emotions on my part. This issue is shark finning. This is a serious problem and most people don't even know about it. Most people are like, "Sharks they are scary and we should kill them or not bother." Well that is where you are wrong.
To start off, more people are killed by being crushed by vendimachines than by sharks (true fact). And sharks are very important in our ocean ecosystems. Sharks are an apex predator, meaning that they influence every creature below them. Without sharks eating fish, the fish will eat all the plankton, which are the bottom of the food chain. Without the plankton, there will be no more food for the fish. Also, plankton use photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen for people to breath. Without sharks, the ecosystem of the ocean will breakdown.

In Asia, shark fin soup is a huge delicacy that people will pay up the butt for. Shark fins only go into texturizing soup and imparts no flavor or anything. In 2001, 176,369,810 pounds of shark fin were on the market. Can you imagine how many sharks that is? That was only in 2001, I'm pretty sure that number is way up now. A lot of these fins come from third world countries that don't have a lot of money. They know that Asians with pay $800 US a pound for shark fins.
This is hard on sharks because sharks can't recover from loses like that. Sharks are like humans, they don't become sexually mature until ages 10-20 (depending on species), they only have approximately 2 offspring at a time, and the offspring stay in their mother's womb for about 6 months to a year (depending on species). Most of the sharks that are caught are not sexually mature and they haven't had any offspring. This would be like someone killing millions of teenagers and young children every year. If you do the math on that with 6 billion people in the world and every year 10 million kids are killed. That would take 600 years to kill off the population. And that is not taking in to account the people that die of old age or accidents or anything of that matter. And the numbers on the sharks are going up.

Well now that you know the statistics of it, let me tell you about what happens to these sharks. Boats will go out and deploy longlines. Longlines are just like they sound. Huge fishing lines with thousands of hooks on them. Not only do these lines catch sharks, but they catch fish, dolphins, turtles, birds, and whales. Most of these animals are air breathers and when attached to the lines, they can't surface to breath and they slowly drown. The fish will get tangled up and they wont be able to get water in their gills and they will drown and die. When they pull the sharks out of the water, if they are not dead yet, their fins will get cut off and they are tossed in the water. There the sharks will slowly bleed to death over the next 3 days. Same goes with the other animals, turtles and dolfins will be killed when they are caught and just thrown overboard.

There is a ban on shark finning in the US and some other countries like Australia, Canada, Mexico, and places that are sympathetic with the US. But in third world countries and Asian countries, they fight to keep it legal. They are not about to give up their food and source of income. There has also been bans on longlining and drift nets (another way to catch lots of aquatic animals), but not in enough places.
Creating awareness is one way to help (hence this post) and there are other ways you can help. At an individual level we could take the following precautions: Never have shark-fin soup and refuse to patronize
restaurants that serve this. Avoid medicines or supplements that profess to utilizing the healing power of shark cartilage or any other part of a shark. Do not buy shark teeth (unless fossilized), shark jaws, or any items made with shark skin. Please love our sharks. They are not scary. If you think sharks are scary, watch Shark Week on Discovery Channel; it's usually on the last week of July or the first week of August. Love sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Or else...)

Stewart, Rob, producer and director. 2008. Sharkwater (Documentary). Alliance Films Inc. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). DVD. 89 min.

Verlecar X.N., Snigdha, S. R. Desai and V. K. Dhargalkar. Shark Hunting- An Indiscriminate Trade Endangering Elasmobranchs to Extinction. Current Science 92: 1078-1082.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Humans vs Zombies on USU Campus

Hey all. I was meaning to make a post about how the game when and I kept forgetting until my friend airy-ka reminded me. Well the game ended on the 5th of this month with a final mission. I was zombified on Monday (the first day). I was walking back from my last class of the day and I was almost to my dorm. I walk in front of the library and I hear someone yell "ZOMBIES!!!" So I take off to the physics labs to find a door that I can get to so I can be safe inside the building. These two guys start gaining on me and I got suck behind some bike racks so I had to go around them. When I was 10 ft from the door, one of the guys tags/shoves me and I trip and fall and roll and hurt my hands and elbow on the cement. And that is how I became a zombie. I decided that I can't survive a rage virus zombie apocalypse because they can run and I would be screwed.
The week was filled with day missions and night missions. I never did the day missions cause I was in class, but they weren't to great anyways. They just involved catching "scientists" and things like that. I went to a couple of night missions and the final night mission. Those were usually a disaster as the humans greatly out numbered the zombies and usually won. The zombies won one of the night missions that was to protect the Original Zombie from the humans so they can't make vaccines against us. I didn't go to that one cause I had homework to do. Oh well. I did go to the final mission though.
The final mission was that all the humans had to run a gauntlet (as pictured below) through campus and the zombies had ambush areas where we had to kill them or take their vaccination cards.
This was really fun. I was in the first ambush group by the quad and our purpose was to get the humans to waste ammo so the other groups could kill them. We did our work pretty well. We would run through the human group yelling and screaming. This would freak them and get them to start shooting like crazy.
After they ran the gauntlet, we all met on the soccer field for the final showdown. It took forever to get everyone organized so us zombies would just yell and scream and make up cheers to scare the humans. It was so much fun. We would chant things like "We want brains" and do our schools sport chant "I believe that we will win" but we changed it to "I believe that we will kill." I was so cool listening to 300 kids shouting that. Well the final shoot out went down and supposedly the humans won cause no one would admit to being caught. Well, it was still pretty fun.
We get to play again in the spring and I'm pretty excited!!!! Go zombies!