Monday, May 30, 2011

Bored+No Work=See Source Code

Today on this Memorial Day, I got bored and decided to go see the movie Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal that came out on April 1. This movie was surprisingly better than I expected.
The movie is about a solider, Colter (Gyllenhaal), who mysteriously wakes up on a train with a girl he doesn't know and when he looks into the mirror, he sees he is someone else. He tries to figure out what is going on, when the trail blows up. He then wakes up in a capsule where he is told that he is in a program that recalls the last 8 minutes of someone's memory. His mission is to find who the bomber is before that person blows up most of Chicago.
This movie was actually pretty good and a lot better than I expected it to be. From what I saw in the trailer, I was expecting a movie about a guy who tries to save someone who is already dead, but that was just a small part at the beginning before he really understood what was going on. I really did enjoy the movie and if you haven't seen it yet, go and see it before it is out of theaters. Another good thing is that the movie is rated PG-13, so better for more audiences.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Movie Guide for the Year

So I am and I just looked up what movies come out every weekend and I just made my movie guide for the rest of the year. I have a couple of weeks where I don't want to see any of the movies that come out, but I will tell you all the other weeks. :)

June 3- X-Men: First Class
June 10- Super 8
June 17- Green Lantern
June 24- Bad Teacher
July 1- Transformers: Dark of the Moon (way excited)
July 8- Horrible Bosses
July 15- nothing (Harry Potter comes out this week)
July 22- Captain America
July 29- Cowboys and Aliens
August 5- Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Change Up
August 12- 30 Minutes or Less
Augut 19- Fright Night
August 26- Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and Apollo 18
September 2- The Debt
September 9- Warrior
September 16- nothing
September 23- nothing
September 30- What's Your Number?
October 7- Real Steel
October 14- The Thing
October 21- Contagion and Paranormal Activity 3
October 28- In Time
November 4- Tower Heist
November 11- Jack and Jill and Immortals
November 18- nothing (this is the day that the next Twilight movie comes out and I'm not going to see it)
November 25- nothing
December 9- The Sitter (this movie may come out sooner, Aug. 5)
December 16- Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
December 23- The Darkest Hour
December 30- nothing

Way super excited and I will be making posts on these movies after I see them. So check back in!

Take Shelter (10/7)

I just watched the trailer for the movie Take Shelter and it looks kind of cool. The movie is about a guy who is having visions of an apocalypse and he decides to build a shelter for his family, but his friends and family think he has gone crazy. This movie comes out on October 7 and would be interesting to see.
Check it out.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Change Up (8/5)
I just wanted to share this trailer for the movie The Change Up because it looks so funny. This movie is about two guys who change bodies. Dave (Jason Bateman) has a wife and two babies and his friend, Mitch (Ryan Renyolds), is a single guy who gets all the ladies. This just looks really funny and reminds me of an episode of the tv show Two Guys and a Girl, Ryan Renyolds is in. In one of the Halloween episodes, Ryan's character gets his brain switched with one of the guy characters and it is really funny. I would put up a clip of that, but youtube pulled all the videos with that show. Too bad. Well enjoy the trailer.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Now I Have to Think of Something

So I just read the most awesome blog post ever. (You should all read it)
Well I think this is clever and amazing and it is something I sometimes think about. Well now that my friend has made this I want to do something like it, but I don't know what. I could maybe do a book, but most of the books I read are already movies or tv shows. Maybe I could do it on the Dragonlance books, but there are a billion characters in those books. Well I don't know, maybe I could pick one book and do those characters. Well, you should check out that post and the hot guys suggested because they are hot. Haha. Well, c'ya.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bridesmaids: Not That Good

I saw Bridesmaids today and I was sorely disappointed. This movie boasted good reviews and promised big laughs, but I just didn't get it. I thought it was dry and dirty. The f-word was dropped every couple of minutes and lots of sex scenes (no wonder why it was rated R). I wouldn't recommend that people pay a lot to go see it.
The movie is about a woman, Annie (Kristen Wigg) who is down on her luck and her best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph) is going to get married. Annie has been made the maid of honor, but when she meets Lillian's new best friend, Helen (Rose Byrne) she has to compete with this woman who has it all. Helen is rich, married, pretty, and has the everything that Annie wants. While trying to be better than Helen, Annie messes everything up and almost ruins her relationship with Lillian. Along the way, Annie mets a nice cop and kind of falls in love with him.
I thought this movie would be better and after reading the reviews for it, I was very dissapointed and kind of grossed out in the movie. I only laughed at about 5 of the really funny parts, but most of the time I was kind of bored. The rest of the audience didn't laugh either, so I don't think I was so alone in my opinion.
Though I did see a funny trailer for a movie called What's Your Number? with Anna Faris and Chris Evans that looks pretty funny. It comes out Sept. 30. I will post the trailer for that movie. Chris Evans is pretty hot and he is going to be in Captain America soon, so go see that too.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Real Steel Trailer (10/7)

This is another trailer for the Real Steel Movie with Huge Jackman. "A future-set story where robot boxing is a top sport and centered on a struggling promoter (Jackman) who thinks he's found a champion in a discarded robot. During his hopeful rise to the top, he also discovers he has an 11-year-old son who wants to know his father" (
This trailer looks even cooler than the first one. Comment below on if you are going to see this.

Another Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg Movie

I just read that Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg and going to do another comedy movie together! Yea! The Other Guys was freaking hilarious and this one sounds pretty funny. The link to the news article on is above. The movie is called Turkey Bowl and it is about an annual football game where two football obsessed guys are going to duel it out. So super excited. :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Priest Movie: Good But Not What Expected

Just saw Priest and it was good, but not what I had expected. The movie is based of a graphic novel by Min-Hoo Hyung. The movie is about a world with humans and vampires where the humans had to have warriors strong enough to fight the vampires. To fight the vampires, the church recruits people with extraordinary strength and powers. After the war, the remaining vampires were put in reservations under strict watch and all the priest were disbanded and reintegrated into society. Priest (Paul Bettany) is having a hard time in society and the church has told him that he has to stay in his place. Well out in the wastelands, Priest's brother and family are attacked by vampires and his niece is kidnapped, his brother near death and his wife killed. Hicks (Cam Gigandet), is sent to the city to get Priest, but the church tells Priest that there is no vampire enemy and he is forbidden to leave the city. Priest leaves the city anyways and goes to see his brother. His brother tells him what happened and then he dies. The church orders 4 more priests, including Maggie Q, to go after Priest and bring him back. Hicks and Priest go to a vampire hive to see if there are any vampires there. At the hive, Priestess (Maggie Q) catches up with Hick and Priest and joins them. At the hive, they learn that the vampires have bred a new army. They have to find a way to to stop the vampires before they get to the cities.
After watching the trailer, I expected a lot more vampire fights but there was still a lot of fighting and explosions and action. I did enjoy the movie and any action movie going person will enjoy it and should go see it. :) Besides there are hot guys in it, Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, and Karl Urban.
 Karl Urban as Black Hat
 Paul Bettany as Priest
 Cam Gigandet as Hicks

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yesterday, I came home from school for the summer and I went and saw Thor. Thor was okay, not what I expected. I think it was kind of made as just another step to the Avengers movie. There wasn't as much fighting and action and the trailers portrayed. There was a cool part where they did show another Avenger, Hawkeye (played by my favorite, Jeremy Renner).
The movie starts out kind of in the middle where they humans first meet Thor. A astrophysicist (Portman) and her team is tracking storms and sees the rainbow bridge that is transporting Thor (Chris Hemsworth, hottie) to Earth. They drive over to it and accidentially hit Thor. The movie then starts at the "beginning". Thor and his brother, Loki, are being told the story of how their dad defeated the frost giants. Then the movie goes years down the road to were Thor is going to be crowned king of Asgard, but during the ceremony, frost giants get into the weapons vault to get a weapon back. Thor wants to go to their planet and start a war. This action makes the current king, Odin, think that he is not really to rule Asgard. Well Thor is pissed and goes to the frost planet and starts fighting. Odin comes and saves them and for his foolishness, banishes Thor to Earth. Then the movie comes back to the where it started. Then other things happen.
The movie was okay and just makes me more excited for the Avengers movie next year!!!!!! The movie felt slow and there wasn't as much as the trailer promised. Oh well. I still say go and see it if you are a Marvel fan and are waiting to see the next 2 movies, Captain America and Avengers. And of course, like all Marvel movies, there is an extra clip at the end of the credits. So go and see and make sure to stay to the very end.