Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Girls Will Be Girls

So this whole weekend I ended up watching Legend of the Seeker. I have the first season and one of my roommates, Melissa, wanted to watch them. So she started watching them. Then Cielle and Kristan started watching. Well they all got addicted. So Saturday and Sunday we watched Legend of the Seeker. And we had many many comments. Well the main character, Richard, is played by a hot guy, Craig Horner. So most of our comments were about him and his abs. (See above photo.) Then Sunday night, my roommate Katie came home from her weekend long geology field trip. Well she was tired and hyped up on sugar so she came in on the second to last episode. Well Katie critisizes everything. So she was critisizing and making fun of a tv show that we had devoted our entire weekend to. So we kicked her out. Well she didn't really like that so on our whiteboard, she wrote a comment about how the girls of 217 don't like her. (See photo below.) Well we had fun commenting back. And it was fun. So that is why I am hobo brained out for a little bit. No more dirty comments for maybe another day. :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Day in the Life of French Ninja Shark

Reading that title you are probably thinking, "What the heck?" Well it all started at dinner. Our friend Kristen was going on a date and somehow the subject of stalking her and her date as ninjas came up. So we were going to dress up as ninjas and after they got out of the concert, we were going to follow them home. But we decided ninjas would be noticible so someone decided to get wigs. So we went to walmart to get wigs. No wig at walmart. So we went to Ross. No wigs there but I did get new sunglasses. Then we went to Michaels. No wigs there but we did have lots of fun there.

So we got masks and I got a shark hat and we decided that we would be ninjas and just scare Kristen when she got home from her date. Well we got ready.

Well we waited forever so we got midnight pizza dressed like this. That was fun. But then she finally was coming. So we hid in closets and things. We had Cielle's camera going and a web cam going. Kristen turned on the light and we jumped out and she fell on to the ground screaming and yelling, "I hate you guys!" That was so funny. People came down the hall to see what had happend. This was the best. Holy crap. If you have Cielle as a facebook friend you can see the reaction we got. And Liz and me running around like ninjas.

Comment on the kiddnapping Sean Faris comment


What is up with all these birthdays?

Well guess who is 79 today? Well your good ole Leonard Nimoy. There are so many Star Trek birthdays recently. Crazy. I bet within the next week another Star Trek birthday will occur. JK. Well happy birthday old man!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh and speaking of birthdays

Happy birthday Sean Faris. He has the same birthday as me. 28 years old. That's only 9 years older than me. It could still work. :) <3


Well it's my birthday and I guess I will write a post about it. Or I will write a post on how supposively awesome my friends are. When I woke up and went to take a shower my roommates all sang happy birthday to me as I walked into the bathroom. Supposively that would make awesome friends, but I don't really like people singing happy birthday to me especially right when I wake up. And when I got done with dinner, Cielle said she hid a birthday present in our dorm for me. She said it was in plain sight, where I look everyday, and that it was in a decorated place. (The door to my room.) Blah! That would be supposively awesome cause my friend got me a birthday present but I had to look everywhere for 15 minutes and she finally kind of told me. Also, my roommate made a cake for me. That would be supposively awesome if it didn't smell up my room and I can't eat it until later. Dang it. And all my friends told me happy birthday today.

Just kidding everyone. It's not supposively awesome, it is awesome! You guys rock. Thank you sooooooooooooo much. Rock on!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


This is a good movie. HAM! This is a Japanese anime movie but the same people who do the movies Princess Mononoke and Castle in the Sky and Kiki's Delivery Service. Ponyo is a movie about a goldfish princess named Ponyo. She seeks away from her dad and is found by a 5 year old boy named Souske. Well they become friends but her dad comes and gets her. She wants to go back to Souske so she uses her magic to turn herself into a girl. She then goes to Souske, but she accidentally set magic lose on the earth and has disrupted the balance of nature. So in order to correct the balance, Souske and Ponyo have to have a test of love and if they pass the balance is restored. Well they pass of course.
This movie is cute and funny. Well maybe it was funny to use because it was Sunday night at 10 o clock and my friends were watching with me. But we were laughing pretty good. Also there is a lot of famous people's voices in the movie. Like Matt Damon. Haha. It's a good movie.


Guess what? William Shatner is 79 today. What an old man. Well we still love him when he was 35 and a young, dashing Captain Kirk.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break final post (DONT START HERE!)

Spring break in St. George was fun. It was soooooo warm the highs in the 70s. Wow. That was fun. My aunt and uncle are part owners of a resturant down there called Wingnuts. Supposivly there is one in Ogden so I will have to take my friends cause they have kickin wings. Dang that was good food. I also hung out with my cousins. That was way fun. I saw a lot of movies too (as you already know). Except on Wednesday I did not sleep cause Aunt Flo visited and I was sick from dinner. So I had pain in my back, stomach, and gut. Then I eventually worked up the courage to go throw up (at 8:00 in the morning) so I was awake all night. Then Thursday, I went to the Cannery to help my aunt. Now I know to never go to the Cannery cause it sucks. Then on Friday I went swimming. Well I had fun. And it was sooooooo warm. But the 5 hour drive down and 5 hour drive back sucked. But I was alone with my music at full blast so I guess I was alright. Well my friends blog about your spring break so I can read them. I mean it! Blog about your spring break or I will karate chop you!!! Haha.

Spring Break pt. 3

Okay last movie. I saw another movie. This one was Bounty Hunter with Gerald Butler and Jennifer Aniston. (however you spell her last name) Wow this movie is really funny. The two characters are ex-spouses and dont like each other. Gerald Butler (Milo) is a bounty hunter and Jennifer (Nicole) is a reporter. Well Nicole skipped bail cause she got a tip on a suiside and went to go get the info from her friend but he got kidnapped. Well Milo gets the bounty on her and goes to get her. Well Milo owes a lot of money to a person so they want to get him. The person that was kiddnapped said that Nicole was looking for the info so now people are after her. So people are trying to get these two and they are trying to find the info and stuff like that.
This movie was pretty darn funny. Especially when they go to hid at the honeymoon suite. They get put in the dorkiest clothes. This movie was funny and rated PG-13 for sexual content including suggestive comments, language and some violence. So its not too bad. I laughed a great deal. And Gerald Butler looked pretty hot in this movie, unlike in the Phantom of the Opera. Which all of my friends say he looks hot in. Well he doesn't look hot in that movie. He is soooooooooooooooooooooooo gross looking in that movie. "Oh but his personality is hot." so a friend of mine might say. NO! His personality wasn't hot. He was a kidnapper and deranged. He tried to keep her his prisoner.

Spring Break pt. 2

Alright I saw another movie. This one was Cop Out with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. This one was funny minus the swearing. These two cops who are partners and idiots and they mess up their mission. Well they get suspended for a month. Well Bruce Willis's character's daughter is getting married and it costs a lot and he doesn't have the money to pay for it. So he is going to sell his baseball card that costs a lot, but that gets stolen and they have to go get it. Well this puts them in a big mess involving a Mexican gang trying to get money and crap. Well it was pretty funny but too much of the f word. So if you can handle the f word, go see it. But probably not. (Considering what kinds of movies my friends watch.) :)

Spring Break pt. 1

K a lot of blogs are going to be coming in. Part one is going to be about a movie I saw. It was Percy Jackson. That movie was pretty good. I liked it, but what I liked more was the hot guy. In the movie his character's name is Luke (like Luke Skywalker but cuter.:)) In real life his name is Jake Abel.
Yeah he is good looking. But this movie was pretty good. A little corny but it's a made-from-a-book-made-for-kids movie. But I liked it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Matt Damon is hot.

I just went and saw Green Zone. Was a pretty good. And it had Matt Damon who is hot. Love Matt Damon. This movie was pretty good. It is about an army unit that is out to find WMD (weapons of mass destrution). Wherever they go, there are no weapons. Cheif Miller (Matt Damon) is questioning the intelligence that they are getting. The intelligence is coming from and inside Iraqi source code named Magellon. Miller is asking and finds that he can capture a high ranking Iraqi military general. He is chasing after the general and asking questions. He finds that there is no weapons and they were made up and he trys to get evidence to prove it.
Pretty good movie. There were lots of gun fire and explosions. Matt Damon did some good acting. The only bad thing that I found was the f word. (Turns out that this movie is rated R.) I liked it but it still doesn't beat The Hurt Locker. Yea for war movies.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hooray for movies!!!!

Yeah I watched another movie. (Story of my life.) This one is called the Lazarus Project. This is a Paul Walker movie, so yeah, you know how I am. It actually was pretty good. Its about this man named Ben (Paul Walker) who just got off of parol and is living with his wife and daughter. He works at a brewery and was going to get a management job at the new brewery, but the people in charge found his criminal record and had him fired. His brother wants him to go rob a place that makes computer parts and uses gold dust. So he is desperate and goes to rob the place but the police show up and kill 3 people. And since he was there and in a way responsible for the deaths of 3 people, he got the death penalty. (You may think that law is messed up, but they are in Texas. That messed up place.) So he gets leathal injection.
But he wakes up and finds out that he gets a second chance (in Oregon) as a groundskeeper at a psyciatric hospital. But he can never leave the place or he will die and he can't contact his family. So he works and finds a dog and he tries to leave but his "guardian" tells him he will die. Then he finally decieds he will leave for real and not stop. But he gets knocked out and the doctor from the hospital tells him that he was imagining all of that and he is actually a patient at the hospital. But Ben finds evidence that he is not a patient and things like that. Well I wont give away the ending. But you should watch it. Its good and Paul Walker is hot.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Utah State Aggie Basketball

Yea for Aggie Basketball. We are WAC champions. We should be going to the NCAA finals. Last night we played the New Mexico State Aggies. We won 81-63! Watching Aggie Basketball on tv is one thing, being there and yelling with the crowd in another. The Spectrum (where we play) is soooooo loud cause of all the students. We are super mean too. We yell things like "Stupid," "You suck," "Take his whistle" (to the bad refes) and crap like that. I was laughing so hard. My throat was so sore after. It was so much fun. We kick butt and I got to see the hottest player on our team, a married senior named Jared Quayle, play his last game. He is so hot. Too bad. Oh well. This was my first game that I went to, so next year I will have to go to more.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I like movies, but not really this one.

I just watched Pandorum for the second time cause I watch movies at least twice before I send them back. Well this movie kind of sucks. Well it has Cam Gigandet in it for a bit and he is SO HOT!! But this movie is generally confusing and takes thought and consentration to figure out what the crap is going on. Well there is this spaceship going into space to settle a new planet called Tanis. The main character, Bower, wakes from hypersleep and when you wake from hypersleep, you have a hard time remembering and it takes awhile for your memory to come back. Well the power is out and the reactor is going to die and the main character is a techincal engineer and has to reset the reactor, but there are these mutant things eating people and they have to run away from them. That is pretty much the gist of the movie, but with twists and turns that are weird. Soooo yeah... don't watch it. I wasn't all that great and it felt that it was too long. So yeah, boring. ?:(

Guess what? Not chicken butt.

I passed my lifeguard class. Yea!!!! But that took forever last night to test 10 people on everything. We treaded water for a total of 45 min. My calfs hurt pretty bad. But while we were waiting to do backboarding, we were all in the other pool doing sinerioes. In the last sinerio, there was one lifeguard (who didn't know what we were going to do) and we decided that there would be one active drowning victum (splashing and drowning) and as soon as the lifeguard got in the water to save that person the rest of us would be passive drowning (face down and not moving). It was sooo funny. The poor kid saw us all drowning and was pissed. He grabed the closest passive, went to the active, went to me, went to the person next to me, then went across the pool to the person in the first lane. There was one other person clear across the pool and she got saved by a girl who had just finished backboarding. It was so funny. The best part was that there was lane lines so the guy had to get over and under them to get to all of us. We were laughing pretty hard.
But anyways, my group was the last group to do backboarding so I didn't get home until 11:00 last night and I had to study for a biology test which I just took. But it was fun and I only messed up on like one part of the test. We were doing first aid sinerioes. Mine was that a patron fell and cut his leg. So I bandaged the leg no problem, but the person went into shock cause of the blood. I totally forgot what to do for shock. So I wrapped the person in a towel, laid them on the floor, put their feet up then called for 911. Well I was suppose to call 911 first. So I suck. Jk. I kicked trash in doing CPR on an adult and a baby. And when we were backboarding, we were trying to pull our victum out of the water on the backboard and we did that wrong. This guy was pretty big so it took a lot of strenght to get him out. Well we pulled him out wrong. Instead of keeping the head down low, we had his head up pretty high (which makes us pulling all of his weight and not some) and I totally slipped onto my butt and hit the tile pretty hard. It hurt my butt, but we didn't drop him so we just pulled him out with lots of effort. So yeah thats what I did and I won. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Okay okay last blog of the day.

This is my last blog of today. But this is something I can't ignore blogging about. Well at dinner, my friend Liz told me about a movie called Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. Sounds WAY WAY SUPER COOOL, right? Wrong. This movie was sooooooooooooooooo dumb, not joking. It was pretty entertaining for some of it I will admit. But come on. The acting was HORRIBLE and the CGI was bad. I mean, I love watching the same 5 second CGI clip over and over, but really I don't love it. The best part was when the Megladon (Giant Shark) ate the Golden Gate Bridge. That part rocked. Oh and they somehow managed to put a love relationship in it. This is a movie called Mega Shark vs. Octopus. I want to see a shark and octopus duke it out and not some dumb people getting it on in a closet. Really, I can't describe this movie to you. It is something you just have to see for yourself. It was pretty bad. haha. Well if you ever get Netflix, look up Mega Shark vs. Octopus and watch it for yourself. Okay well this was a dumb movie that I recommend that everyone see at least once so you will know to appreciate other movies better.

Side Note of the Day

Guess how's birthday it is today? It's James Doohan!! (Who died in 2005.) If you don't immediatly recognize that name you might if I were to say "Captain, I'm giving her all she's got! I can't give her anymore or it will blow!" And if you still can't get it...(exasperated sigh) it's Montgomery Scott aka Scotty from Star Trek: TOS.


I REALLY hate cars. So the day started out bad cause...well...I woke up. That was bad its self. Then I go to biology. Great biology (sarcasum). Well this gross couple sits next to me. first to start out, why the crap do they even go to class if they don't take notes and they just talk to each other and text the WHOLE time? Then they guy had his hands all over the girls legs and thighs and was just rubbing her all over. Gross. I hope when (if ever) I get a boyfriend that we are not gross in public cause that was really gross. The good part of today was that in stats we are doing something I know how to do. Confidence Intervals!! And we had a quiz on it today in recitation and I rocked that test up and down. (So I think but I will get it back on Friday and find out that I fail at life.) But then I had to go home to S. Weber for a couple of hours to get my dad to sign some finacial aid papers for me. Well do you think that that went easy for me. NO!!! My battery is shot to the high heavens. I seriously hate life. First I tried to start it, couldn't do it. I called my dad and he said try to get a jump. So I got CL, pushed my car out of its parking spot, and then had to flag down a guy. (women + car + problem = find male) We had my car hooked to CLs car for like 15 min and it still didn't start. Sooooo the tomorrow I have to get a new battery instead of sleep. (My early morning class was canceled. YEA!)
AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I hate my car. First I had to put $600 into it to fix my radiator and get new spark plugs. Now I will have to spend another $50 for a new battery. This car better last me forever now!

Monday, March 1, 2010



Just do it cause you know you want to listen to it.

I'm just setting myself up for failure.

Not really. My title is kind of a joke, but I do certainly set myself up to be scared at night. So does anyone other than me watch those stupid ghost hunter show on tv? I used to watch shows like The Scariest Places on Earth and things like that and the thing about those shows are is that they are only on late at night. Well when I watch those shows I am usually alone with my blanket in the dark. So yeah! I like to scare myself.
Well last night I was on Netflix and I was watching a show called Ghost Adventures. It's these 3 guys who lock themselves into hunted places and taunt ghosts. Well I like to watch stuff like this and the main guy is pretty good looking and very physically fit. (Oh my biceps and pecks and abs and back!) He is good looking. Well last night I watched 2 episodes of that show on my computer with my light on with my roommate in the room. So I didn't think that that would be bad. Yeah right! I am one of those people who don't fall asleep very easily and so guess what I thought about...ghosts. Yea me! I'm dumb.
So I scared myself and I had scary dreams. GREAT. My roommate and I also talked about how demonic spirits could be here on earth cause Satan and his minions (I love that word) are here on this earth and are pissed at us. And Christ cast those demons out of swine and people and stuff. We talked about that stuff for awhile after I watched those episodes. So that just built on this stuff.
Oh and the main guy's name is Zak Bagans (I warn you on your image search, I doesn't look too terrible great in some of the pictues but they are modest so you can look and not have hobo brain unless you find him good looking like me and your hobo brain is never shut off like me.)