Sunday, May 30, 2010

How to ID zombies.

I was laughing so hard at this. Just the pictures made me giggle let alone the comments under the pictures.

Movies. This one you probably shouldn't see but there is a hot guy.

On Friday I went and saw the movie MacGruber. This movie is based on Saturday Night Live's 90 second sketches called MacGruber. It's a spoof on the show MacGiaver (or however you spell that). In the sketches it always deals with MacGruber has 30 seconds to defuse a bomb with just the few materials in the room. But he starts talking and he blows up. It is usually pretty funny. Well the movie is that the bad guy has a really big bomb and is going to blow up Washington DC. The bad guy is Val Kilmner. Well they ask MacGruber to come and stop him but he says no at first, but he finds out that the bad guy is the dude who killed his wife. So he says yes.
Well he gets a super team behind them but they blow up. So he is stuck with a girl who was suppose to be on the team but said no at first. Her name in the show is Vikki St. Elmo. And he is also stuck with a marine named Lt. Piper. This character is played by the incredibly hot hot hot Ryan Phillippe.

Well MacGruber starts to look for the bad guy but he doesn't use guns and he only uses gadgets that he makes and rips out throats. Its a pretty funny show.
But it is rated R and I know my friends wouldn't like it cause there are some dirty parts. Well take out those parts and it would be just really funny. So you probably shouldn't watch it but just to let you know... Ryan Phillippe is a hottie.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost The Season Finale

After 6 seasons and 6 years, the tv show Lost is now over. I loved this show. I didn't care so much that they didn't answer like ANY questions but that's okay. I still enjoyed the show. Lots of people stopped watching but I watched all the way to the end.
Last night was the season finale and I didn't get to watch it last night for 2 reasons. First was Steven's seminary graduation that I had to go to. I didn't want to go. I didn't even go to mine cause I was working which was my excuse to not go. That was so boring. Second reason I didn't get to watch Lost was because we had too many things recording on the DVR so it didn't record Lost. That made me mad so I just watched it this after noon on Hulu.
The season finale was pretty epic. It ended the show but only answered some questions. But I still liked it. SPOILER It was so sad how Jack died. :( I liked Jack. The actor Mathew Fox is a hottie. But everyone died on that show. Some of the survivers got off of the island though. Kate, Saywer, Miles, Claire, Richard, and that pilot guy LePedis got off. And the smoke monster/Locke died. He was shot by Kate. That was pretty cool. And Ben got beat up again. That is so funny. I was sad when Jack died though. He was a hottie.
Well goodbye Lost. I will miss you even though I have no idea why most of the things on that show happened. Haha. Lost is the best.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Iron Man 2. One more step to the Avengers movie.

Well I just went and saw Iron Man 2. That was pretty good. Tony Stark is living the high life and being a dork. The government wants the Iron Man "weapon" and they are being a pain in the butt. And the bad guy is a man who's father was a scientist working at Stark Ind. and was kicked out of the country by Tony's father cause the bad guy's dad was being greedy with their new project and wanted to make money off of it when Tony's dad wanted to advance mankind.

So yady yady yady I don't want to give away to much BUT DO STAY AFTER THE CREDITS. All the Marvel movies have things after the credits so stay for them cause that is the next step towards the new Avengers movie. The upcoming movies that lead to the new Avengers movie are Thor and Captain America.


Captain America

The Avengers

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Star Wars: The Clone Wars WFT

Well I finally got around to watching this cartoon Star Wars version. I mainly watched it cause the guy who does the voice of Anakin is a cutie.

Matt Lanter

Well this movie obviously was for little children cause the humor was for children. It kind of fits into the Star Wars saga but I didn't know Anakin had a padawan. And his padawan, Asoka, is a dork. I don't really like her, she calls Anakin "Skyguy" after knowing him for like 10 min. Okay well that is lame. Lame name and do you really give someone a nickname after knowing them for 10 min? I certainly don't. And the story line was lame and the action was lame and the script was lame.

So if you want to watch this movie, go right ahead, but know it's for little children. Not that great of a movie.


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