Monday, April 26, 2010

Movies and Music. My 2 favorite things.

This weekend I went and saw Kick-Ass. Recommendation to my usuall readers, don't see it. You wouldn't like it. The f word all the time and an 11 year old girl killing everyone. It was kind of funny and but I don't think that my friends would like this movie at all.
Moving on, I got my copy of Avatar today!! Yea! I watched it and it's still a good movie. Of course my roommate, Katie, doesn't like it cause it's not indie so she critisizes it like none other. I have found that if she doesn't like something she will trash on it like none other. Well I guess everyone has their character flaws. Anyways back to Avatar, Sam Worhtington is so hot. I would love to be kidnapped by him. Holy crap is he hot and awesome.
Now to the music subject. I found a cool band. It's called Five Finger Death Punch. They kind of have a style like All That Remains. Most of their songs are in the screamo category, but the songs that are normally sung are pretty good. I will put up a few links to songs.

Hard To See
Never Enough (ignor the one swear word cause I got the edited version)
Bad Company

I have a couple others but these are the best ones. I really like Bad Company.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jaws Part 3

Jaws 3 sucked soooooooooo bad. Holy crap. I can't believe that a Jaws movie could suck so badly. (Actually I can cause Jaws Revenge sucks pretty bad.) Well in this Jaws movie, a giant shark gets into Sea World. WTF!!!! Well that's not all. The acting sucked, the story sucked, the CGI sucked like a black hole, and 2 hours of my life was sucked from me. The story was just bad decision after bad decision. Well to fight the shark, they tried to lure it into a filter, it worked but the guy who lured the shark in got eaten in a pretty stupid fashion (but death by shark not the less). Well the manager guy said to shut off the filter. Well that enabled the shark to swim better, but the shark swam backwards. NO SUCH THING!! SHARK CAN'T SWIM BACKWARDS!! I WOULD KNOW!! haha. Well anyways it was stupid and just stick with the first Jaws and maybe the second one.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to Tame Your Dragon

What a good movie. I went and saw it Monday night and it was awesome. My friend Kristan had a date and she didn't want to go alone cause he is a little of a creeper. So we went and saw the movie. It was way way way super good. It was way cute and now I really want my own dragon.
The movie is about a boy named Hiccup and he wants to be a viking, but he is kind of a weakling that is a cluts. Well he invents things to capture dragons and uses one to capture a dragon. But he can't kill it so he lets it free and becomes friends with it. That is all I'm going to say about it cause I don't want to ruin it for anyone how hasn't seen it yet. Just go and see it cause it was so good.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Charlie Bartlett and my Aunt Flo

Well the other day Aunt Flo came to visit me for the month and I was really not happy. I was thinking violent thoughts of getting into my uterus and scrapping the lining of it to stop Aunt Flo. I bet we all do this. Well it reminded me of a scene from the movie Charlie Bartlett. Funny movie. Well it has Anton Yelchin (Chekov for the new Star Trek) in it and he is a funny actor. Well he is aditioning for a school play and he does this funny scene from some play called the Misadventures of a Teenage Renegade. Well I just thought this was really funny.

Howl's Moving Castle

This is a good movie. I watched it the other day and I really liked it. It is about a girl who gets a curse from the Witch of the Waste to turn her really old. The worst part is that she can't talk about the curse. So she goes to find a way to break it and ends up at Howl's Castle that walks around. Well she meets the fire deamon Calsifer, and a boy living there named Markl, and a scarecrow named Turniphead, and of course Howl. Well there is a war going on and things happen and it's a good movie. Oh and Howl's voice is Christain Bale and Calsifer's voice is Billy Crystal. And I decided that not only is Christian Bale an emotionless actor, he is an emotionless voice actor. There was practicly no emotion in his voice. It was the same voice the whole time. It kind of rubbed me. Well he did do his Batman voice a time or two.
Well anyways, I like Studio Gibli movies. They are really good. This one was good too.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg together in a movie. Can you imagine?

Haha. This movie looks so freakin funny. Mark Wahlberg is not in his usual bad a** roll but this still looks pretty shiz. I was laughing pretty hard.

I want to go see this.

Monday, April 12, 2010

All of Me

This weekend I watched a movie called All of Me with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. It is were a lawer, Roger (Martin), is going to change the will of a rich millionair, Edwina (Tomlin), who is going to die and she wants all her money to go to a young woman who she is going to put her soul into. Roger thinks Edwina is crazy cause you can't put your soul in another body...or so you think. It can be done but her soul accidently goes into Roger's body and she controls the right half of his body. Well now he has to get her out of his body. This movie was pretty funny. Especially when Roger had to go to the bathroom but his left hand go hurt. That was funny. Oh and there was Gone With the Wind references. But I liked the movie and you should see it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I like dinosaurs.

I went to Walmart today so we could get things for one of our roommates. We had fun a were crazy. But while I was there I returned an audio cable that i though would work to hook my computer to my tv. Well it didn't work and I got another cable. Well that one doesn't work either. So I bought the right one on the internet. Well at Walmart Jurassic Park was in the $5 movie box so I got it. I like this show it rocks. I am watching it right now. The book is way super awesome too. The book is by Michael Chriton. He is the shiziest science fiction writer. I like dinosaurs cause they are crazy awesome and the T-Rex is awesome and so are the Raptor.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This is pretty shiz

Time Magazine put up the top 50 videos of youtube. That sad thing is that I have seen over half of these vids. Well wasted time in life. A lot of them are really good so if you haven't seen them watch them cause they are pretty shiz. I would have to say that I laughed the hardest at Kittens.,28804,1974961_1974925,00.html

I just bought a new song today and I LOVE it!

This is Breaking Benjamin doing a Queen cover of the song Who Wants to Live Forever. I love it. Ben has the most AMAZING voice ever. I love his voice. It's way way way super awesome, especially in this song. Ben is the absolute shiz and he is pretty good looking too. I will post a link to the original song, but the original is really mellow and kind of not my style. And I just love Ben's voice he is amazing and the best. BREAKING BENJAMIN FOREVER!!!!!

Kind of a dweeby music video. But hey its Queen what do you expect.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kirk is a man whore! :)

Annoying voice but true.

Whoever says Clash of the Titans sucks can SUCK IT!!!

Clash of the Titans was way cool. The End.
Clash of the Titans was full of monsters and action and swordfight (some kind of cheesy) and a certain hot guy, Sam Worthington. I liked the movie. Clash of the Titans is about a man, Perseus (Worthington), who is the son of Zeus and to save mankind from destruction by the gods he has to fight a bunch of cool action monsters. Perseus has to fight Medusa, giant Scorpions, the Kraken, and other monsters. He has help from some soilders,a flying horse (Pegasus), an unaging woman named Io, a magical sword from his father, and various other things that I can't think of. No Boobo though, :( That's okay. I like this movie and I still do love the original. This is a sweet action movie and everyone should see it. Even in 3D.