Friday, November 4, 2011

Temptation Cupcakes in Logan, Utah

Holy wonderful cupcakes. Today, I went to Temptation Cupcakes on 1010 N. Main Street in Logan, Utah and I think I am in love. I normally don't like cakes or cupcakes or muffins and will eat that stuff on occasion. These cupcakes were delicious and I will never hate them. I had chocolate ganauche cupcakes, which were chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganauche and a colored Sixlet on top. The cupcake was moist and chocolaty and delicious. My roommates and I plan on going again tomorrow. The cupcakes are a little expensive, $2.50 per cupcake or $23 for a baker's dozen (and other smaller amounts), but they are dang worth it.
Check that place out.

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  1. The ganache ones sound wonderful! :D The picture reminds of the cupcakes at Sweet Tooth Fairy in Layton, but I don't like those ones overly much because they're usually stiff and dense (you can tell they're not the freshest...).

    If the ones at Temptation are moist though...I oughta check them out next time I go up there. What is it with the northwest and cupcakes? My cousin in Vegas started her own cupcake biz (just made at home) and she's already sold over 30 dozen in a month or less. Geez! Maybe I'm going into the wrong profession. JK ;)