Saturday, February 25, 2012

Act of Valor, Dedicated to Our Serivce Men and Women

Act of Valor was a very good movie. If you like movies that are like this, then this is one for you. There were explosions like every five seconds and shoot outs and awesomeness all over. The cool thing is that the actors are real active duty Navy SEALs. When I went, there was approximately 5 women to about 40 men. Haha.
The movie is about a team of Navy SEALs that have to go after a terrorist who wants to bomb America. It starts with a CIA operative getting captured and tourtured to give up the information that she knows. The SEALs are called in to go and get her back out and find out any information that she had. They go into Costa Rica to get her and have huge shoot outs. They find out that the bad guys are working with a terrorist who is going to bombs in the the US. The bombs are ceramic ball bearings that are hidden in vests that explode and do a ton of damage. They follow these terrorists to the town of Mexicali and have to take out the terrorists and the Mexican cartels that are hiding them in the city.
The movie is very fast paced and loud with some sad parts. At the movie, there were a bunch of guys from different brances of the military, including the Navy, and it sounded like they didn't like it so much. So if you are in the armed services, I kind of don't suggest it for you, but if you are a civilian like me who likes war movies, I highly recommend it. I will say that the movie is rated R for war violence, war gore, and language, so if you have a adversion to a lot of blood don't see it.

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