Saturday, November 13, 2010

Humans vs Zombies on USU Campus

Hey all. I was meaning to make a post about how the game when and I kept forgetting until my friend airy-ka reminded me. Well the game ended on the 5th of this month with a final mission. I was zombified on Monday (the first day). I was walking back from my last class of the day and I was almost to my dorm. I walk in front of the library and I hear someone yell "ZOMBIES!!!" So I take off to the physics labs to find a door that I can get to so I can be safe inside the building. These two guys start gaining on me and I got suck behind some bike racks so I had to go around them. When I was 10 ft from the door, one of the guys tags/shoves me and I trip and fall and roll and hurt my hands and elbow on the cement. And that is how I became a zombie. I decided that I can't survive a rage virus zombie apocalypse because they can run and I would be screwed.
The week was filled with day missions and night missions. I never did the day missions cause I was in class, but they weren't to great anyways. They just involved catching "scientists" and things like that. I went to a couple of night missions and the final night mission. Those were usually a disaster as the humans greatly out numbered the zombies and usually won. The zombies won one of the night missions that was to protect the Original Zombie from the humans so they can't make vaccines against us. I didn't go to that one cause I had homework to do. Oh well. I did go to the final mission though.
The final mission was that all the humans had to run a gauntlet (as pictured below) through campus and the zombies had ambush areas where we had to kill them or take their vaccination cards.
This was really fun. I was in the first ambush group by the quad and our purpose was to get the humans to waste ammo so the other groups could kill them. We did our work pretty well. We would run through the human group yelling and screaming. This would freak them and get them to start shooting like crazy.
After they ran the gauntlet, we all met on the soccer field for the final showdown. It took forever to get everyone organized so us zombies would just yell and scream and make up cheers to scare the humans. It was so much fun. We would chant things like "We want brains" and do our schools sport chant "I believe that we will win" but we changed it to "I believe that we will kill." I was so cool listening to 300 kids shouting that. Well the final shoot out went down and supposedly the humans won cause no one would admit to being caught. Well, it was still pretty fun.
We get to play again in the spring and I'm pretty excited!!!! Go zombies!

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  1. Sweet Action! The night missions sound like the best! I wish Weber would do something like that, but there are some days that I seriously just want to walk leisurely and be left alone....haha....the game might not work the whole time for me.

    Darn that bike rack! You're right though, I think if there ever were to be a zombie apocalypse we would all be screwed, especially if the zombies were quick zombies.