Thursday, November 18, 2010

Firefly and Serenity

Hey my sillies. I just finished another tv series (this one was short so don't think that I spend all my time watching movies and tv shows jk). The show that I watched is called Firefly made by Joss Whedon (the same dude who made Buffy and Angel). This show has a western and sify mix to it. The 2002 series only had one season, which is too bad. I also watched the movie that went with it called Serenity. I greatly enjoyed both of them.
The show is based in the year 2540 A.D. The Earth's resources were used up and there were too many people, so people set out in spaceships and colonized a new solarsystem. They "terraformed" planets to make them like Earth and lived on them. The central planets created a government and called them the Alliance. The outer planets didn't like the Alliance rule so they rebelled but lost. That is where you meet the star of the show. Malcom Reynolds (hottie Nathan Fillion) fights in the war against the Alliance in the Battle of the Valley of Serenity. Well then it goes to 6 years later. He is a captain on a firefly class spaceship called Serenity with his crew.
His crew consists of his war buddy Zoe, her husband and the pilot Wash, a mechanic named Kaylee, his crazy gun man Jayne, and a companion (like a geisha) named Inara. They are a smuggling and crime gang. After a heist, they pick up passengers to cover the heist. There they pick up a shepard (priest) named Book, a doctor named Simon, and another dude. When they are flying around in space, a transmission goes out to an Alliance outpost and the crew has to figure out who did it. Well they think it is Simon so they get into his stuff and find that he has a girl in cryosleep. The girl is his sister River who he broke out of an Alliance facility that were torchering her and doing things to her brain. The person who sent out the signal was the random dude who turns out to be an Alliance hunter. He tries to get Simon and River to take them back so the Alliance can have River. They kill the hunter man and have to fight off the Alliance. At the end of the first episode they decided to keep the shepard and the brother and sister. The show goes on from there.
The movie came out in 2005 and picked up right were the tv show left off. They try to figure out what the Alliance wanted with River and they tried to fix her brain. It was all action-full and cool. There were spaceships flying around and people shooting each other and epic fights. It was pretty cool and a little sad cause some of the main characters died. :(
I will put up pictures and links so you all can check it out. And you can watch episodes on imdb. firefly serenity Opening credits to the show Someone made this with the movie and the show

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  1. Man! I hate it when main characters die, but I guess it makes it more realistic....

    Cool sounding show! I like how they are wearing clothes from all different eras.