Friday, July 29, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens, A Pretty Cool Mix

Cowboys and Aliens, who would have thought that they would have been a good mix for a movie. This movie is full of action, mystery, a little romance, but mostly action. I can't really think of any gripes I had with this movie.
The movie starts out with Jake (Daniel Craige) waking up in the desert not remembering anything. All he had is his clothes, a mysterious metal bracelet, a cut in his side, and a picture of a woman. Some guys come riding up and try to rob him, but he kicks their butts and takes their stuff, including a dog. He rides into town and meets Ella (Oliva Wilde). In the town, some kid, Percy (Paul Dano) is making trouble because the his dad is Woodrow Dolahyde (Harrison Ford) who pretty much funds the town. Well the kid gets in trouble and put in jail. The sherrif then notices Jake and puts him in jail because he is a wanted man. Well Woodrow hears that his son is in jail and so is Jake. Woodrow wants Jake because Jake robbed him. When Woodrow gets there, the aliens ships come and start taking people. The only weapon that is effective against the alien ships is the bracelet that Jake has. The people of the town band together to go out and get their missing people. That is where all the adventure starts.
This movie was good and you actually get to see the aliens. The aliens look like lizard frogs, which is kind of cool. The movie does has some interesting twists, too. I can't tell you because that would ruin them, but everyone should go out and see it anyways. I actually liked it. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. :)

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  1. Not only are the cowboys and aliens an interesting mix, but Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford are too.

    In the movie review section of the newspaper, one reviewer was disappointed in the movie because it wasn't your classic or typical western. Of course it's not! The title alone should tell you that! That guy's an idiot. Lol