Monday, July 18, 2011

Original Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Extremely creepy things!!!! I watched the original Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, the made-for-tv movie from 1973. This movie scared my mom and aunts back in the day when they were younger. This movie was soooo dumb, but funny to laugh at. The whole time I would yell in an obnoxious voice, "Extremely creepy things (insert action of the extremely creepy things)!" I would yell things like, "Extremely creepy things turned off the light!" The acting and the storyline were so dumb.
Extremely creepy thing!!!
Sally (Kim Darby) and Alex (Jim Hutton) inherit an old house and Sally finds a room that has a fireplace in it. She wants the fireplace unblocked, but the old carpenter man says not to and gives a sort of warning against it. Well Sally pretty much says suck it and unbolts the ash vent to look into the fireplace to see if she can unblock it. That unleashes the extremely creepy things. Well Sally is the only one who can see the creepy things and no one believes her about them.
Well in the movie the creepy things turn out the light while she is taking a shower and she doesn't notice the light is off. She finally hears them whispering about killing her and she finally looks around. Well she turns on the light and sees a shaving razor on the floor where the creepy things had it. So she turns off the light and the creepy things come out and all she does is turn on the light and they run away. I can't believe she didn't freaking mortal combat on those mothers. If that was me, I would be like, "Hello six inch extremely creepy thing. Meet my size 10 shoe!" I would go Jason Elam and 63 yard field goal those things (which is the longest field goal kicked and he did it when he was with the Broncos!).
At the end of the movie, the creepy things drug Sally and she can't really fight them. They tie her up and drag her to the fireplace and pull her down. During this time, her friend gets locked out by the creepy things and she can't get in, which is stupid. Just throw a rock through the window and you are golden.
Creepy things with rope to tie you up.
Man, if I had these things in my house, I would totally have a hammer or a knife or even a brick and show these suckers whose house it is (MINE!).

Peek a boo!
Well the new one comes out August 26 and I'm pretty excited to see it. Maybe this one will be actually scary (which it probably will be because it is a Guillermo Del Toro movie).

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