Friday, January 27, 2012

Contraband, Oh Yeah

Contraband, awesome. Mark Wahlberg, freaking hot. This movie had lots of action and crazy twists and turns. Mark Wahlberg is his usual good self by being a bad guy while fighting even badder guys and he does it with hot abs. Haha.
Mark Wahlberg is Chris Farraday, an exsmuggler. He got out of smuggling to have a family, but his brother in law, Andy (Caleb Laundry Jones), messes up his smuggling job when Customs boards the boat he is on. Andy then dumps the drugs he was hiding and goes to the man who he was working for. The man, Tim Briggs (Giovanni Ribisi), is not happy and hurts Andy. Chris tries to reason with Briggs, but Briggs wants the money and gives him two weeks to get it to him or he will come after Chris's family. So to get the money, Chris gets onto a cargo ship to Panama City to buy 50 million dollars of counterfeit money. Chris and his friend, Sebastian (Ben Foster), set up the deal and get Chris and Andy on the boat. Chris devises a plan to get the boat to stop long enough for him to get the money from the dealer and get back on the boat and hide the money. But the captain, Captain Camp (JK Simmons) is suspicious and is watching Chris. When Chris goes to get the money, the plan goes wrong and starts Chris into a tailspin that jeopardizes the plan, while at home, Briggs is harassing Chris's wife, Kate (Kate Beckinsale).
This movie was very good. A bit violent and a lot of swearing, but a good movie if you like movies like the Italian Job (also starring Mark Wahlberg). There was one twist in the movie that surprised me and the end was making me really worried, but of course it all comes together in a way you don't expect. I would say check it out!

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