Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Star Wars: The Clone Wars WFT

Well I finally got around to watching this cartoon Star Wars version. I mainly watched it cause the guy who does the voice of Anakin is a cutie.

Matt Lanter

Well this movie obviously was for little children cause the humor was for children. It kind of fits into the Star Wars saga but I didn't know Anakin had a padawan. And his padawan, Asoka, is a dork. I don't really like her, she calls Anakin "Skyguy" after knowing him for like 10 min. Okay well that is lame. Lame name and do you really give someone a nickname after knowing them for 10 min? I certainly don't. And the story line was lame and the action was lame and the script was lame.

So if you want to watch this movie, go right ahead, but know it's for little children. Not that great of a movie.


  1. I thought the movie was okay but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it. And I agree with you! Asoka is annoying and no one I know gives out nicknames after 10 mins. You should have seen the animated Clone Wars series that aired for like two weeks before it died. I'm glad this one replaced it. It was a drawn cartoon series that was much worse than the current computer animated one.

  2. Oh...I almost forgot. Matt Lanter is hott!

  3. That series of star wars was way more than 2 years but I liked that better. This new series sucks.