Friday, May 7, 2010

Iron Man 2. One more step to the Avengers movie.

Well I just went and saw Iron Man 2. That was pretty good. Tony Stark is living the high life and being a dork. The government wants the Iron Man "weapon" and they are being a pain in the butt. And the bad guy is a man who's father was a scientist working at Stark Ind. and was kicked out of the country by Tony's father cause the bad guy's dad was being greedy with their new project and wanted to make money off of it when Tony's dad wanted to advance mankind.

So yady yady yady I don't want to give away to much BUT DO STAY AFTER THE CREDITS. All the Marvel movies have things after the credits so stay for them cause that is the next step towards the new Avengers movie. The upcoming movies that lead to the new Avengers movie are Thor and Captain America.


Captain America

The Avengers

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  1. Lucky! I haven't seen Iron Man 2 yet and I want to so bad! But thanks for posting the links to the upcoming movies. It looks like good ones are coming out in the next couple of years. I have to admit though....Thor and Captain America are the two marvel characters I know least about. Chris Hemsworth! I likey :D