Sunday, July 25, 2010


I watched Tron a couple of weeks ago. This is a movie where a Master Control Program is taking over. A former employee named Flynn wants to hack into MCP to get evidence that he wrote a bunch of video game programs there were stolen by the head of the company. Another employee, Alan, is angry because the MCP has locked him out so he can't finish his program, Tron, that would actually watch the MCP and regulate it. Well the MCP doesn't like that. (MCP is sentient) So these two guys team up to take out the MCP. Well while Flynn is trying to hack in so Alan can finish working on his Tron program, the MCP uses a laser to zap Flynn into the computer. So to survive, Flynn has to compete in games and team up with Tron to take out the MCP.
This movie was pretty entertaining but the graphics were pretty crap. This movie was mostly CGI but CGI from the early 80's. It was still good to watch. Check out the trailer.

Well they are making a new Tron movie. Tron: Legacy, which comes out in December. This movie looks pretty shiz and has a hot guy in it. The graphics in this one looks way better. I will post the trailer so you can get excited with me. And if you can find Tron, watch it cause it is pretty entertaining. This looks pretty freakin' awesome!!!


  1. Never seen Tron. I'll have to check out your links and tell you what I think.

  2. I watched both the trailers and the new Tron coming out looks cool. I'd like to go see that when it comes out. And yes, the main guy is hot! The graphics of the old one were amusing yes, but Star Trek is entertaining and it's graphics weren't the greatest either ;) It looks like it would be an interesting plot. It seems familiar though, I think several movies have tried to use the same kind of plot. Kinda like that one lame spy kids movie or whatever. I never saw that but it looked like it was based off of Tron or had a similar idea.