Thursday, September 9, 2010

More TV Shows My Friends Get Me Watching

Well I spent about 3 hours yesterday watching a TV show that my friends got me watching. This time the show is Arrested Development. When I say 3 hours, I mean a lot of episodes because each episode is 20 mins long. Why do I have so much time to just waste. Well actually I should be happy that I have time to watch silly TV shows and movie and all the other random things I do.
Arrested Development is a TV show from 2003 about a rich, dydysfunctional family. When the dad gets put in jail for stealing money from the company and all those big business stealing things that stupid rich people do, his son Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman who is good looking) has to take over the family business. Michael is the only responsible person in his family. His sister, Lindsey, is one of those shop all the time people. Lindsey's husband, Tobias, decided to quit his job as a doctor or psychiatrist (one of those) to be an actor, but he sucks really bad. Michael's brothers, Gob (pronounced Job like in the Bible), is a failure of a magician and spends lots of money on props, and Buster, who has a million worthless college degrees like map making and junk like that, they both spend a lot of money. The mother, Lucille, loves to spend money and has a maid. Michael has a son, George Michael (Michael Cera), is also responsible, but Maeby (pronounced maybe) Lindsey's daughter, is not responsible and steals money from the family's banana stand. Michael's father, George, wont help Michael in anything that could possible help the family business. So his family is crazy.
The show is about their daily lives and the crazy things they do. The last episode I watched was about how Michael sleeps with a blind chick and finds out the the lady is the prosecutor for his dad's court case. So Tobias sneaks into her house to steal evidence, but it turns out she is not blind and it's funnier than crap. She almost his Tobias with a bat, but he sprays her in the eyes with perfume, which temporarily blinds her. So Michael tries to prove that she is blind and throws a Bible at her face to prove she will catch it. But she now actually can't see and it hits her square in the face. I was laughing pretty dang hard.
There is three seasons and I'm just finishing season one. This show is really funny and actually pretty clean. I think people should totally watch this show. I think they would like it and we can have another TV show that we quote from all the time.
From left to right in the back. Tobias, Lucille, George, Lindsey, Buster, George Michael, Maeby, Michael, Gob. What a silly picture.

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  1. I read this post a while ago but forgot to comment! I fail! Anyway, this does sounds like a funny TV show! YAY for rich dysfunctional families! Haha.....