Friday, September 17, 2010

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Trailer for Evil Dead 2
So once apon a time, a B-list movie came out in the long ago year of 1981. This movie is called The Evil Dead, which is an epic zombie-ish movie. Well the other day I watched the sequel, The Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn.  This movie was sooooooooo funny. I was laughing so hard.
The movie starts out with our main character and hero, Ash (Bruce Campbell), and his girlfriend (who dies in the first 10 min of the movie). Well, there is this book called The of the Dead and if you read it, the evil spirits posses bodies and dead bodies and all that jazz. Well in the first one, Ash is the only survivor and in the second one, he does the same exact thing to bring the dead back. His girlfriend gets infected and he has to behead her with a shovel. So he gets hauled up in this cabin and a bunch of strangers come and try to help him and all that.
The funniest part of the movie is that his dead girlfriend's head comes and bites his hand. Well the bite gets infected with the demon plague stuff and his hand tries to kill him. That part made me laugh cause his hand was freaking out and trying to fight him and smash stuff over his head and all that. I think I will try to find a youtube vid of that.  Well he cuts his hand off with a chainsaw and his hand now plagues him through out the movie. The hand just runs around and attacks him and he tries to kill it. I was peeing my pants I was laughing so hard. The first Evil Dead was serious and ment to be really scary. The second movie was ment to be funny and it is. Now I will get the third movie, The Army of Darkness, on Monday. I'm so excited. This movie was epic!!
Bruce Campbell was really hot back in the day when he did these movies. And he was crazy ripped, too. I will try to find a picture but in the movie his shirt gets ripped down an arm and his arm and shoulder flex and it was way hot. I could see every muscle under his skin, even in his shoulder. Oh my hot. He was good looking back in the day. Now he is old and fat (sound like someone we know?)
This is the really hot hot pic of his muscles. And here is the clip of this part and his awesome muscles.

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  1. Holy freaking cow! The graphics are so funny! And what the heck?! The hand makes it's own sounds? haha lol And someone with a chainsaw replacement hand! That one's new. The old zombie that stretched her neck out, seriously reminded me of a zombie monster you have to fight in the Shadow temple of Ocarina of Time! I hate fighting that thing! It creeps me out! Here's what I'm talking about:
    (skip to about 2:40 in the video and watch until 3:00)