Friday, September 3, 2010

Hot guys and stupid movies.

Well I watched another stupid movie (of course). This movie is Never Cry Werewolf. I only watched it cause my new hottie, Peter Stebbings, was in it. This movie is like a mix of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Disturbia, a bit of Twilight, and a lot of stupid. I still liked it cause it was kind of weird and when a hot guy asks you to become a werewolf with him and "you will feel the carnal passion as you couple under the moonlight," I saw you hop on board because werewolves are cool and not stupid like vampires and the guy is really hot. Haha. Friends, you know my humor and my hobo brain so you should probably disreguard the previous thing I just said. Haha.
In Never Cry Werewolf, Lorin gets a hot new neighbor (Peter Stebbings) and he acts a little weird. She notices that he has hair palms, his eyes glow in the dark in one scene, people have gone missing and she saw him with one of the people, his dog is crazy and the dog understands him, and a few other things. So she decides that he is a werewolf, oh and guess what?, she happens to be right. So she tries to expose him, but that only gets her friend killed and her brother kidnapped. So she has to go all leather, bad-acery and get a cross bow to kill him.
So to kill a werewolf, you need silver, right? Well guess how she gets her silver. Silverware. She tapes silver forks and knives to arrows and shoots them out of her crossbow. Well that would work if the weight of the forks and knives didn't unbalance the arrows. Arrows are perfectly balanced and any change of the weight and they wont fly straight. So don't you think that sticking a half pound knive on an arrow that weighs about an eighth of a pound would make it so your arrow will just shoot straight down as soon as it leaves the crossbow. Well not in this movie. Really stupid. And to finally kill the werewolf, she shoots a silver shotgun barrel at the werewolf. Yeah freakin' right!!! Shotgun barrel would weight like 6 pounds. Totally lame action.
Well I didn't watch the movie for the movie, right? I watched it for a really hot guy. Peter Stebbings is hot and he rides a motorcycle in the movie and takes of his shirt and things like that. He is not super riped and tan like Paul Walker or Sean Faris, but hey most people aren't. So I will post some pictures from the movie.


  1. I watched the trailer, and you nailed it right on the head when you said a combo between, Buffy, Disturbia, and Twilight. I'm kinda surprised it was a 2008 movie though, cuz the graphics looked like they were a little bit older than that, but hey, since when have cheesy graphics ever stopped a Star Trek lover? haha.... Do you know what it is rated? I was trying to look that up but I couldn't find a website that told me. Unless I'm blind and just didn't see it on IMDB...probably.. :) Peter Stebbings looks really familiar, but when I looked at his filmography I couldn't see any movies I recognized. Maybe I'm thinking of somebody else? But it seems like I say that everyone looks familiar. My brain is just broken. :D Like your hobo brain - jk ;)

    The shotgun barrel made me think of something - instead of Bella falling for Edward, why didn't they have her go vampire slayer and shoot him with a crossbow? Normal vampires, (not the Twilight ones), can be killed if you stab them through the heart with wood right?

  2. Netflix has this as unrated cause this is a Canadian movie, but I would guess it as rated R cause the f-bomb is dropped 4 times. If an f-word is said more than 2 times, it makes it rated R. But other than that it would probably be PG-13. Peter isn't in anything that I would think that anyone has seen really.
    They didn't have Bella go vampire slayer cause they are not normal vampires and it is suppose to be a love story and not at all cool in the least bit. Haha.