Tuesday, October 26, 2010

100th Blog Post!!!!!!!!!!

Hey my sillies. This is my 100th blog post. Isn't that freakin awesome. Well for my 100th post I would like to tell you that I have made updates to my blog. Now you can look at posts by subject, take a poll (freakin sweet so do it!), and other stuff. I have been playing around and there is a ton of things you can do on blogger. This is sweet action. If you don't have a blog, get one and if you do, blog more!!! And have polls and stuff. This is way fun.
I have had this blog since Febuary and I have only blogged 100 times. That is kind of sad. As you can tell by the numbers that I had a phase of no blogging and I'm now in a phase of some blogging.
Halloween is this week and I'm super excited!!!!!!!!!! Halloween is my second favorite holiday after Shark Week. haha. What are you going to be for Halloween. Post a comment below about your costume.
This Halloween, I am going to have a scary movie marathon and on Sunday, I am going to watch The Walking Dead and go to my meeting for Humans vs. Zombies.
Next week, our school is doing a game called Humans vs. Zombies and I'm super excited. This game is a glorified game of tag. Everyone starts out as humans and there is one zombie. We all have bandanas to ID us. Humans wear it on the arm and zombies wear it on their head. Well the game is played that you can be tagged by zombies outside of building and humans can shoot the zombies with nerf guns or sock balls to make it so the zombies can't interact in the game for 15 min. If you get turned into a zombie, you have to "eat'' someone every 48 hours or you starve to death. The game ends when all the zombies starve or all the humans die. I'm sooooooo excited!!
Well have a great Halloween. I will post a pic of what I'm going to be for Halloween. This is from the zombie prom I went to forever ago.


  1. Woah! You definatly look like a Zombie! Awesome face paint :)

    I'm happy for you and your 100 posts! And if you think 100 posts is sad try around 50. That's about how many I have...

    Is the Human vs. Zombies campus game still going on? What was the outcome, or how is it faring if it's still going on?

    I was going to dress up for Halloween, but I never did cuz we were having a birthday party. Now that I've seen your zombie get-up, I want to go home and dress up for a belated Halloween! haha That way I can post a picture about what I was going to be for Halloween.

    You rock! :D
    And now I'm going to go take your survey...

  2. Aww man! The pole is closed and I can't vote...nevermind...

    I love your post label that says, "Me+Crazy=This Post" that made me chuckle out loud.