Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some Sweet Action Music

For Christmas I got some itunes cards and I used them to get more music (of course). I didn't know what music to get so I went and got some from artists that I already have. I got some from Mutiny Within, The Used, and My Chemical Romance. These are awesome songs and I will put them up for you (espcially check out the music video for My Chemical Romance's Na Na Na). Well I hope you all enjoy these songs as much as I do.

Mutiny Within -The End

The Used -Paralyzed

My Chemical Romance -Na Na Na (This is funny)
                                    -Famous Last Words

My Chemical Romance with The Used -Under Pressure

Check these out. Awesome music and if you want any of these songs just leave a comment below and if I don't have your email leave that too and I can send them to you. Oh and just so you know I have them all in the clean versions so don't freak out.

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