Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hey it's 2011 (if you didn't know) and I decided that I need a new post. Well I guess I can say Happy New Year!!!! I didn't do much on new year's eve. I watched the Back to the Future marathon AMC was having then I watched the Tosh.O marathon on Comedy Central and then I watched some episodes of the original Battlestar:  Galactica. Well that is about it. If you did anything more fun than I did, post it so I can know who I should have hung out with. Haha. Well see ya.


  1. Sounds like your New Year's was filled with much TV watching... haha :) Mine was too.

    I had a really fun New Year's Eve with the fam as usual. I tried Skype for the first time. If you don't know (cuz I didn't) it's a free internet service that is easy to download and lets you talk to your friends and family via video chat and web cam. My whole family used it to talk to my cousins in Las Vegas as the ball dropped. It's a really weird sensation to talk to someone face to face that is miles and miles away.

    We used my step dad's account, but I really want to get my own Skype account. I just don't know how many of my friends have web cams.....

    On New Year's day I watched the entire second season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. That's 492 minutes of viewing time - or about 8 hours! YIKES! I just now did the math. I can't believe I spent that long watching TV. Then, later that evening I went to Target and bought the 3rd season box set. So now I can watch that when I get a chance. And my Avatar collection is complete with all 3 seasons! YAY :D

  2. I know what Skype is and that is pretty sweet you got to talk to relatives. I don't have a web cam so I wouldn't be able to Skype. What is wrong with watching a million hours of Avatar: The Last Airbender? I have no objections to watching it. Well sounds like lots of fun.