Thursday, January 27, 2011

About Freakin' Time!!!! :)

Finally chadmattandrob have released The Treasure Hunt: An Interactive Adventure!!!!!!!!!! I watched it and I quite enjoyed it. I made a post late last year with the teaser trailer and they finally have it. YEA! It's all about how Rob finds a treasure map and the adventures that follow. It's so silly and I only died once. Then I went through and watched all the other die parts. Well enjoy this awesomeness.


  1. Hahahaha!!! I watched this the other day! It was pretty fun! It was a little shorter than I expected. And a lot shorter than some of the other interactive adventures. That's what it seems like anyways. I might not be remembering right.

    lol I love how Chad & Matt's friendship with Rob isn't really that much of a friendship. They always leave him to his death and walk away. C'mon guys! Show Rob some respect!

  2. This one isn't long like The Murder or The Teleporter or The Birthday Party. But it is longer than The Time Machine. Oh well. I also love the relationship with Rob. It's funny but also remember that Rob is the one that always gets them into these situations.

  3. Yes, that is true. Rob is usually the cause for disaster.

    What's with them having to add hot chicks in their adventures lately? Men and their hormones........But then again, if it were me making a series, I would so have every hot guy I know of in my adventures! xD