Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why Do I Have To Wait So Long?

Why do I have to wait so long for everything? I just watched the new Priest trailer and I am angry that the movie doesn't come out until May 13. The first trailer came out at the end of the summer and now I still have to wait even longer for the movie. It looks sooooooooo freaking awesome.
The movie is about how preist fought in a war against vampires and now the world is safe. One of the priests (Paul Bettany) finds out that his brother and his family were attacked by vampires and they kidnapped his niece. He has to go and get her against the church's orders and fight vampires.
I want to see this movie not only is Paul Bettany in it but Cam Gigandet and Karl Urban!!! Dang freaking wait until May. Oh well.

Here is the first trailer

The second and cooler trailer that just came out


  1. Sounds like an awesome cast! And those vampires aren't what I expected but they definitely aren't the sissy little things in Twilight.

    Holy cow! Karl Urban is a vampire! (I think?) He looks dang formidable!

  2. Karl Urban is a vampire and it is crazy hot. It does look way way way way way cooler that lame action Twilight.

  3. AMEN!!!

    I will probably be struck down with lightning for that...hahaha

  4. I highly doubt it. God would shake your hand for that comment. Haha. Now I will probably be struck down by lightning.