Friday, May 13, 2011

Priest Movie: Good But Not What Expected

Just saw Priest and it was good, but not what I had expected. The movie is based of a graphic novel by Min-Hoo Hyung. The movie is about a world with humans and vampires where the humans had to have warriors strong enough to fight the vampires. To fight the vampires, the church recruits people with extraordinary strength and powers. After the war, the remaining vampires were put in reservations under strict watch and all the priest were disbanded and reintegrated into society. Priest (Paul Bettany) is having a hard time in society and the church has told him that he has to stay in his place. Well out in the wastelands, Priest's brother and family are attacked by vampires and his niece is kidnapped, his brother near death and his wife killed. Hicks (Cam Gigandet), is sent to the city to get Priest, but the church tells Priest that there is no vampire enemy and he is forbidden to leave the city. Priest leaves the city anyways and goes to see his brother. His brother tells him what happened and then he dies. The church orders 4 more priests, including Maggie Q, to go after Priest and bring him back. Hicks and Priest go to a vampire hive to see if there are any vampires there. At the hive, Priestess (Maggie Q) catches up with Hick and Priest and joins them. At the hive, they learn that the vampires have bred a new army. They have to find a way to to stop the vampires before they get to the cities.
After watching the trailer, I expected a lot more vampire fights but there was still a lot of fighting and explosions and action. I did enjoy the movie and any action movie going person will enjoy it and should go see it. :) Besides there are hot guys in it, Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, and Karl Urban.
 Karl Urban as Black Hat
 Paul Bettany as Priest
 Cam Gigandet as Hicks

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  1. Maybe for someone like me who tries really hard not to make any expectations anymore because of previous disappointments (haha), I would like it more than I think I would....Idk...I'll have to see...