Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yesterday, I came home from school for the summer and I went and saw Thor. Thor was okay, not what I expected. I think it was kind of made as just another step to the Avengers movie. There wasn't as much fighting and action and the trailers portrayed. There was a cool part where they did show another Avenger, Hawkeye (played by my favorite, Jeremy Renner).
The movie starts out kind of in the middle where they humans first meet Thor. A astrophysicist (Portman) and her team is tracking storms and sees the rainbow bridge that is transporting Thor (Chris Hemsworth, hottie) to Earth. They drive over to it and accidentially hit Thor. The movie then starts at the "beginning". Thor and his brother, Loki, are being told the story of how their dad defeated the frost giants. Then the movie goes years down the road to were Thor is going to be crowned king of Asgard, but during the ceremony, frost giants get into the weapons vault to get a weapon back. Thor wants to go to their planet and start a war. This action makes the current king, Odin, think that he is not really to rule Asgard. Well Thor is pissed and goes to the frost planet and starts fighting. Odin comes and saves them and for his foolishness, banishes Thor to Earth. Then the movie comes back to the where it started. Then other things happen.
The movie was okay and just makes me more excited for the Avengers movie next year!!!!!! The movie felt slow and there wasn't as much as the trailer promised. Oh well. I still say go and see it if you are a Marvel fan and are waiting to see the next 2 movies, Captain America and Avengers. And of course, like all Marvel movies, there is an extra clip at the end of the credits. So go and see and make sure to stay to the very end.

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