Saturday, October 8, 2011

Real Steel, Real Awesome

Robot boxing, is that what our future holds? I don't know but it certainly is freaking awesome. Real Steel is an emotional ride and a true underdog story. Hugh Jackman does a solid job and being a jerk then turned good guy. The kid, Dakota Goyo, does a great job and is my favorite person in the movie.
In the year 2027, Charlie Kenton (Jackman) is an out of luck robot boxing manager. His robots suck really bad and he owes everyone money. To make money, he takes his robot to a county fair in Texas to fight a bull, but Charlie loses focus and his robot gets trashed. While trying to get out of the fair without having to pay up on bets, he is stopped by some guys looking for him. They tell him that an old girlfriend of his is dead and has left his son, Max (Goyo) behind. Charlie goes to a court house where Max's aunt and rich uncle are trying to get custody of him. Charlie makes a secret deal with the uncle, for 50 thousand dollars, Charlie will sign over Max and keep him for the 2 months the aunt and uncle are in Italy.
Charlie uses money to buy a new robot. Charlie intends to leave Max with his friend, Bailey (Evangeline Lilly), but Max gets Charlie to take him along. Charlie gets his new robot into a big fight, but loses again and his robot is scraped. Charlie takes Max to a junk yard to look for scraps to make a new robot where they come across a robot. Charlie thinks it's junk and tells Max that if he wants it he has to haul it out himself. Max gets to robot out and cleans him up. The robot turns out to be an old sparing robot named Atom and he has a shadow function that allows him to copy and remember movements. So Max gets Charlie to train Atom and get him in fights, where Atom starts winning.
This movie was really awesome and cool. There is a lot of action, comedy, and emotional bonding. Max was my favorite character in the movie. Before a fight, Max and Atom would dance in the ring and that part is super cool. You really fall in love with the characters and watch as they progress to love each other. :) Check it out. Rated PG-13 for action and some language.

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  1. Harrison and I saw this about a week ago. I love it! Especially the end fight with Zeus. Atom was my fave :)