Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Thing, A Scary Thing

This movie, The Thing, is a prequel to the 1982 The Thing remake of the 1951 The Thing From Another World. Sorry if that confused you. :) This movie was actually pretty good, and the graphics were pretty scary and gross.
The movie starts in 1982 Antarctica with a couple of Norwegians driving searching for the source of a strange signal. They fall through a crack in the ground and find a huge ship in the ice. IN the US, grad student, Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is enlisted to go to the site and help. She goes to Antarctica with a bunch of Norwegian guys and a couple of Americans, one the Americans is Carter (Joel Edgerton). At the site, they find the alien in the ice and cut it out and take it back to their base. The head doctor guy takes sample of the alien and determines that it is actually an alien. The ice around the alien starts melting and the alien pops out of the ice. So the crew goes looking for the alien and find it, the alien attacks one of the guys and starts to eat it. The American guys light it on fire and kill it. So they study the alien and it looks like the alien is mutating and changing into the people. Kate sees that it can't mutate inorganic material and uses fillings in people's teeth as a sign of who is alien or not. They can't let the alien get away and have to stop it.
This movie was actually really good and the aliens look pretty freaky. There is a lot of gore just for anyone who is squeamish. And Joel Ederton is in it and he is good looking though I wish he would take off his shirt cause after seeing Warrior, he is really cut. Haha. If you have seen the old one, you would like this one too and the end loops into the old one.


  1. Norwegians, a strange ship down a crevasse in Antarctica...sounds like the beginning of Captain America. Not really, jk ;)

    What if a person in question didn't have any cavities? hahaha

    And yes, yes I am squeamish.

  2. Oh and about your poll...

    I kept changing my answer back and forth between Christmas and Thanksgiving, but I think I'll leave it on Christmas. Thanksgiving is an extremely close second though. Who doesn't want to stuff their face and take giant naps?

    I'm just glad I get to vote! Usually when I visit it's already closed. It's been awhile.