Monday, October 3, 2011

What's Your Number?, Lots of Butts

After seeing What's Your Number? this weekend, I must warn you, this movie has a lot of butts in it. But (haha) the movie is really funny and really cheesy. Anna Faris is in her normal role of the slutty blonde and Chris Evans does a good job in a romantic comedy (and is really hot). I laughed a bunch and was wooed with its woman-wooing-chick-flick ways. The movie is rated R for swearing, crude jokes, and partial nudity (as mentioned above).
The movie starts out with  Ally Darling (Faris) waking up next to her current boyfriend. She does the whole get ready before he wakes up so he doesn't know I'm not good looking in the morning thing. Well she ends up dumping him that morning. She then goes to work where she gets fired. Feeling depressed, she picks up a magazine and reads an article about how the national average of lovers a woman has is 10. This makes her upset and determined to count up the number of men she has slept with. Her final count is 19. This depresses her more and at her sister's rehearsal dinner gets really drunk and makes a really funny toast.
So that night she tells her sister and friends about her number. They look over the article again and it also says that when a woman has over 20 lovers, she can't find a husband. So Ally vows to not sleep with anyone else and again gets really drunk. She then wakes up the next morning with someone else in her bed. While trying to find a way to get rid of number 20, her neighbor Colin (Evans) comes over to use her apartment to hid from the girl he slept with that night. Colin helps Ally get number 20 guy out of her apartment. Well Ally has broken her rule and then comes up with an idea. The idea is to track down all her past lovers to see if one of them could be her likely husband so she doesn't go over the number 20. To do this she enlists Colin because he knows how to find people in exchange for helping him hid from all his one night stands. They begin tracking down these men while Ally and Colin start to become friends.
This movie is corny like any other romantic comedy and has a very predictable ending like any other. But is you want to see Chris Evans practically naked, you should see this. It was funny and made me smile. Check it out. :)

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