Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a coinedence

Well I was on my computer listening to my itunes on shuffle and the star trek sound track came on. So I decided to take it off of shuffle and listen to it. Well then I got on to imdb and found out that it is Zachary Quinto's birthday today. Isn't that weird. He turns 33 today. So Happy Birthday!!! Man isn't he a hottie?!


  1. Zachary Quinto!!! Happy belated! Haha....I remember you telling me it was his birthday when you were at my party :D

    HE IS HOTT!!!!

  2. Erika didn't even say that he is hot, so who are you agreeing with? ;p

  3. Phlegmatic you are a dork. Aph did say he was hot. Duh just read it. Silly goose. ;)