Friday, June 25, 2010

A whole ton of fireworks.

Haha. Today I went to Phantom Fireworks in Evanston and I got a whole shiz load of fireworks. I went in the store and they told us that everything was buy one get one free or if marked buy one get two free. Also, if I bought over $150 of fireworks, I would get $160 worth of stuff for free. Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the best. I have so much fireworks. I think we should do a little friend 4th of July on Thursday. I have lots of stuff next Friday to Sunday, but I would love if I got to have a friends 4th of July. :)


  1. Awesome!!!! We wanted to get Wyoming fireworks too! FUN! We still had a lot of fireworks but not $150 worth though

  2. Haha. I had more than $150 worth. It was like $600 worth which only costed $150.