Monday, October 4, 2010

Giant Fish At Cutler Reservoir

Guess what I did this week? Well in my fish diversity lab, we went to Cutler Reservoir in Bensen (North Logan area) to catch giant fish (as you could have probably inferred from the title). We were looking at different kinds of nets and how they catch fish. We had a few little minnow traps (that didn't catch much), a barrel net (which also didn't catch much), and a huge gill net (which are illegal in commercial fishing). The gill net is where we caught about a hundred fish which we had to untangle. Gill nets are nets that have opens that are about 2 inches, depending on what you want to catch, and when fish swim through them, they get stuck and when they try to swim back out of the net, the net gets caught on their gills.

Most fish will struggle and get even more tangled up, which makes it hard for us to untangle them and get them out before they drown. Well what we caught in our nets were walleye, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, and catfish. The thing about catfish is that they have spines on their dorsal fin and their pectoral fins that stick out and get even more caught in the net and stab you in the hands. So we spent an hour trying to get fish out of nets then we had to weigh and measure them. I was the one doing the weighing and measuring and these fish are huge!

 This fish was like 23 inches and 7 pounds!!! This is a Channel Catfish.

This is a bunch of Walleye. They were about 55 inches and about 6 pounds. Hugenormous fish!!!!!!!!!


  1. Those are big fish! I still find catfish amusing looking...haha.... That looks awesome! I like fish, and catching fish, but I haven't done it in a long time! I especially feel proud of catching fish if I did it with my bare hands! Don't worry, I don't squeeze the fishies. I hope hand oils don't effect them too bad......

  2. You can squeeze the fish. I certainly do cause if you don't they will flip out of your hand. My professor says you have to be kind of aggressive with the fish.