Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool's Fool

For April Fool's, my roommate and I decided to prank another roommate. I took everyone's silverware and hid it (mine included) and my roommate colored our other roommate's milk blue. We thought this was really funny and would be received rather well. We were wrong.
When our roommate woke up, she decided to eat something and when she couldn't find any silverware, she started slamming drawers and doors in her anger. I left for a class when she had stormed into her room, but that is not the end of it. When I was in class, I got texts from my other roommates who knew what I had done. Well it turns out that she found her blue milk and flipped out. She was screaming at everyone and freaking out. I then realized that she is more crazy and over dramatic than I originally thought. She sent us angry text and demanded that we pay her back for the milk because it was ruined. Just so you all know, food coloring does not ruin your milk. It just makes your food another color. She told us that she was going to make cinnamon rolls and she can't use her milk. She even left a note on the fridge demanding new milk or to use someone else's milk and that she wanted to make cinnamon rolls. Well to be funny, I colored my milk pink and put a sticky note on her note saying, "Yea for blue cinnamon rolls!" When I did tell her where her silverware was, she was super pissed that she had to retrieve it herself. I just ignored her and went to my class.
So friends, when April Fool's Day comes around just know that it is a day of pranks and don't hate the world because you got pranked. People will think you are a stupid idiot. I did find out later that on Facebook, she posted that she hates April Fool's Day. I just laughed pretty hard. We wanted to do so much worse things but we didn't. Haha.
If you played a prank, comment on what it was.

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