Tuesday, April 12, 2011

USU Zombies vs. Humans Spring '11

Last night was the final mission for the Humans vs Zombies here on the USU campus and it was pretty epic! This year, I did not play and I was a Mod (referee) for the game. I would watch over the missions and make sure they ran smooth and no one was being a douche bag. I was a mod at the final mission and I laughed pretty dang hard.
The first part of the mission, the humans had to defend the 4 outside corners of the Quad until their base was blown up. The humans were safe until their base was blown up, then they had to run to a new base. I was over at the far back corner where there was only 15 people. We could hear the zombies coming because they were singing a pirate song. The zombies annihilated the first corner and all those people got turned into zombies except like 10 who ran to our base. The zombies then came to our base. The walked up singing their creepy song and when the base blew up, none of the humans stood and fought, they all just ran. I was laughing pretty dang hard. When the zombies got to the last corner, there were about 40 humans left, I was pretty positive all the humans would die right there. When the charge came, all the zombies split up and didn't run at the humans. So those 40 humans were safe for that moment.
For the second part, the humans had to run a gauntlet with us mods leading through. They had to go from the amplitheater to the soccer fields (see map). In the gauntlet, there were 4 ambush zones where the zombies where to attack them (pink). In my group, there were 3 mods and about 10 humans (and unbeknown  to the humans, an original zombie who could look like a human). We started walking and the original zombie struck. She took down 6 of the players. One of the humans had like 10 antidotes, so we got to save those humans. But having the OZ with us meant we got to skip the first ambush point and proceed to the second. That is were everything went down. The second ambush site had a juggernaut zombie who had to be killed with a sock ball and a bombie (zombie with a squirt gun). The bombie would get shot and count to 5 (really quickly) and then be unstunned again. All but 1 of our humans were killed, because the one human had a antidote still.
So there were 3 mods to one human and there where 2 more ambush sites. So our human, Todd, decied to run through the next two zones. The first zone we came to, he ran through so fast that the zombies didn't attack him, but attacked us 3 mods that came through after he ran through. That part was really funny. So we were walking along and on Todd's radio we heard the zombies relay to the next site that there was only one human running through. We started laughing pretty hard and he told them that he can hear them. We then came to the last zone and he booked it through only to be caught at the last edge of the zone. He used a antidote and managed to get through to the end of the gauntlet. There were only about 10 humans that made it through total. That was so epic!!!
I love this game. I decieded that next year, I am going to be a mod again and bring my ipod and mini speakers to the final mission so I can play epic music like the transformers score and other awesome things. :)

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