Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Special Request Post

I have recieved a special request post from my friend Katy so she can be on my blog. :) Well Katy here you go.
This semester, I took karate for a PE class and my friend Katy took the class with me and today was our last day. That class way crazy fun. We learned what moves to do in certain situations, like some guy grabbing us and trying to get us in the car and stuff like that. We learned how to defend and how to attack. Katy and I would do all the moves with weird sound effects and the TA would just look at us like we were dorks and after the few weeks, he would just chuckle at the sound effects. This class was fun and I liked taking it with my friend, Katy.
Well good luck in Korea Katy and kick some butt and be awesome!!!!

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