Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Z-Day Theme Music

I just spent the last week in the middle of the game Humans vs. Zombies and I was thinking about epic music that would be your theme music during the apocalypse. So I saw something like this once and I decided that I would use some of those questions and some other that I make up. So here it goes. I will also link them to youtube so you can hear them.

1)What song would be play over and over?
-"So Cold" Breaking Benjamin

2)What song would be played when you find out that zombies have risen?
-"The End" Mutiny Within

3)What song would be your epic theme music when you rush in to save people?
-"Blow Me Away" Breaking Benjamin (one of my favorite songs)

4)What song would be the song after your first zombie kill?
-"You're Going Down (Radio Edit)" Sick Puppies

5)What song would be playing durning the time you had to kill your significant other after they got bit?
-"Famous Last Words" My Chemical Romance

6)What would be playing as you battle hordes of zombies?
-"Scorponok" Steve Jablonsky From the Transformers: The Score album

7) What song would be playing as you ride/walk/drive/disappear into the sunset?
-"Back on the Road Again" REO Speedwagon (There was a bunch of Supernatural ones but they sucked)

8) What song would play when you are backed into a corner by zombies?
-"Until the End" Breaking Benjamin (my favorite band)

9)What song would be playing when you get turned into a zombie?
-"For Whom The Bell Tolls" Metallica (this is the song at the start of Zombieland and it makes me think of zombies)

There were lots of choices but these are the ones I came down to. Post your own list of songs and other questions so we can see all the songs that people would chose. Thanks for reading!!!!


  1. This would make an awesome soundtrack for one seriously kick ace zombie movie! Great choice in songs, especially with "Until the End".

    If it were my playlist I would have the song playing when I killed my significant other be: "Give Me a Sign". I now it's a slower, less intense song, but I imagine with like one of those slow-mo, music only scenes or whatever.

    I LOVE the "Scorponok" track from Transformers, but I think I would change that to "Requiem for a Tower": (especially for the part at 0:50)


  2. Scorponok is my favorite. Your song was pretty chill too. It kind of has the same feel as the Transformers soundtrack.