Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Have No Life

K, I have no life. I just spent the last 2 days watching Supernatural and it only took me 2 days to finish the season. That is 22 episodes!!!!! That is approximatly 880 minutes which is 14.6 hours. Wow!!!!! I have no life. I need a hobby other than watching movies. I need a boyfriend or something, like Dean Winchester ;) :) That would freakin rock like none other. Jensen Ackles is so freaking hot. My roommate also loves Supernatural and he have been making dirty jokes the whole time. Then my other roommates would periodically come in an join in our dirty comments about Dean. :) This show is like porn for girls. That's bad, I know and you don't have to tell me but it's totally true. If you don't watch Supernatural, I command you to do it cause it is the best and full of really hot guys. WATCH SUPERNATURAL WATCH SUPERNATURAL WATCH SUPERNATURAL WATCH SUPERNATURAL WATCH SUPERNATURAL. This show also has freakin awesome music, rock and metal music from the 80's. The best ever!!
You like my subliminal messaging there with the watch Supernatural. Haha. If you watch Supernatural, comment below and tell me which of the brothers you think is hotter.


  1. I never watch the show, but both of them are really cute. I like Jared Padalecki a little better, though.

  2. Sorry Ashley, but I think Jensen Ackles is hotter :P

    They are both cute, but Jared Padalecki has too much of a button nose or something... lol

    Girl porn? Oh you make me laugh xD
    I'll take your word for it though