Friday, February 11, 2011

New X-Men Movie

I don't know if anybody has heard this but there is a new X-Men movie set to come out this year. It is based on the the Marvel comic series X-Men: First Class (as is the title of the new movie). This movie is set to be before the previous X-Men movies, back when Charles Xavier and Magneto were young and friends and Xavier didn't have a wheelchair. This movie has the characters Mystique, Beast, Emma Frost, Havok, Azazel, Darwin,  and others. I will link all those characters to their profiles on You can also check out the first trailer below. Trailer Movie page

A lot of the original characters in the First Class were in the new movies so they couldn't be used in this movie. I found some of the original members on in Xavier's profile. " Over the following months, Charles used the mutant-locating computer Cerebro to assemble his original group of students: Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Jean, who took the name Marvel Girl. He dubbed his students the "X-Men," because each possessed an "extra" ability that normal humans lacked."
Even though most of the storylines for the characters and stuff were messed up for the previous movies and stuff, this still looks really cool. The movie comes out on June 3. :) I might be working in another state then, but we will have to see. :)

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  1. I have seen the first X-men movie, and The Last Stand, but not X-men 2 or Origins...

    So this fifth movie is like a prequel of sorts huh? It sounds like it ought to be interesting!