Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Love Supernatural!!!!!

So Monday, I finished the 5th season of Supernatural and it is awesome. I now somehow need to get a hold of the 6th season. I don't really want to buy each episode cause it costs $2 an episode. I can preorder it from amazon but the dvds wont come out until the summer. So I might just have to buy the episodes. My roommates and I are right now finishing up the 4th season cause they haven't seen them. We have our men divided up. I get Dean, my roommate gets Sam, and my other roommate gets Castiel. (I kind of want Castiel too, but I will take Dean over him.) Dean Whinchester is the freakin hottest and I can totally relate to him (not the whole sex and booze thing). He likes 80's hairmetal and music of such genera, so do I. He keeps his emotions behide walls like I do. He is an older sibling and grew up raising younger siblings. He likes to eat. I would be happy to be his soulmate. Haha. ;)
This show is the best and if you don't watch it, you are a super loser. This is the best show ever. Warning though, it does get kind of gory after the 2nd season. My roommates always freak out and I laugh at them. It is super funny.


  1. I can relate to Dean too! Cuz I like to eat as well! Lol.... Sometimes I wonder if I live to eat, instead of eating to live. ;)

  2. Haha! That's funny. Well today my roommates and I were playing picinary telephone and my roommate put down the sentence "Dean Whinchester sweeps Brittney off her feet as they run away from zombies" (dream come true) and it turned out "Two people are cut in half as paper bags dance disco." Really funny. Haha.