Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sharks Are Awesome GIS Is Not

Sharks are awesome and GIS is not. I want this!!!!! And this!!!! This too!!! This also!!!!
Wait! It's my birthday soon and I would like long sleeve tee shirts in white and navy blue in adult medium. Huuummmm hint hint. Hahahaha.

I just spent the last hour plus doing my GIS homework and I don't like it. To see what I did, follow the link below.


  1. I love! And those T-shirts are cool. My favorite is the shirt with the death statistics....people killed by coconuts...that's just too funny!

    Awesome lab work're right looks like a crapload of work!

  2. I thought that was funny, too. Did you know that vending machines kill more people than sharks? That's funny also. Thanks for the compliment on my lab work. It is really hard and I usually end up almost drop kicking my computer out of fustration. Haha. Well I wish my TA could think that they were as awesome as you think cause then she could stop giving me B's on all my lab assignments. JK. I'm really lazy and that is why I get B's. Haha.

  3. Oh I believe more vending machines kill people. Shaking vending machines is a dangerous thing, but some people are just that dumb, (and I was one of them once - lol)

    Drop kicking your computer? That is a WAY funny mental image xD

    And about the labs....I just hate any type of lab in general, no matter what class it is for - lol