Saturday, February 20, 2010

Being sick

Being sick sucks. My head hurts like none other and I'm also being visited by Aunt Flo so my back and gut hurts too. I bet I got it from my brother cause he was sick and on Sunday I drank some of his juice. Bad idea. Don't drink sick peoples juice. But I did watch 28 Days Later last night. Not as scary as everyone says it is. It's actually really weird. But I'm only watching it cause in the sequel, 28 Weeks Later, Jeremy Renner is in it. I like him but some people say he isn't cute (Ashley). Well you know what... chicken butt. Haha. K I'm done. Bye. And remember don't drink sick peoples juice.


  1. That sucks! So many people are sick. Tiffany's kinda sick too.

    So you got Aunt Flo from your brother? HAHA .... I'm just kidding. I knew what you meant.

    I wonder how the saying "chicken butt" got started? Hm....oh well, there's probably no reliable way to find out.

    By the way, have you been watching the Olympics? I liked the men's figure skating and thought some of them looked cute(and straight) Except Johnny Queer *cough* I mean Weir......

  2. No comment on the Aunt Flo and don't ask me on the chicken butt cause my roommate says it a lot and that's why I say it. And I haven't really been watching the Olympics.