Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dorkiest movie ever!

I just watched the dorkiest movie ever. It's called Monster in the Closet and was made in 1986. Its about this monster coming out of the closet and killing people. And not coming out of the closet as in coming out and saying he is gay. Which could possible be true cause that is how the monster is killed in the end. But anyways, this newspaper reporter named Richard Clark is put on the story and he goes to see what is up and he meets this Biology Professor whose name I can't remember but her son is... guess who Paul Walker. He is a cute little 13 year old kid. But anyways, they cant find a way to kill the monster except to destroy all closets and the monster kidnaps the reporter cause when his glasses fall off everyone is in love with him so the monster takes him cause his glasses fall off. And everyone destroys closets and the monster finds one closest left but he cant get him and the reporter in so the monster dies and the movie ends.
The monster is so dorky looking and the movie is dorky. The only bad part is the large amount of side boob action cause it does this spoof on Psyco and they have a shower scene and there is a lot of partial boob action. But the movie is funny cause the monster makes the weirdest noises and the army general has funny curse words like he says "I don't give a monkey's fart about..." and "What the ding dong does that mean." It was funny and Paul Walker was a cute little kid and the movie was cheesey and dorky, just like I like it. So if you can see Monster in the Closet.

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  1. Wow....I'm not trying to be offensive but that movie really does sound dorky. Now I know what Thomas has been talking about this entire time 'cause I swear he asks me if I've seen that movie every time I see him.