Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh my goodness is lifeguarding hard. Lets hope I never have to do CPR or rescue breaths on you cause I would probably mess it up. Today, we were practicing and I would forget a step or two everytime. Goodness gracious. I better get good at it cause in a real situation I would be freaked out and probably forget something. My biggest problem was remembering to tell someone to call 911. Then you have to do certain steps. First you check if they are consious, then tell someone to call 911, then you check if they are breathing (remembering to postion their head to open the airway), then you give them 2 rescue breaths, if the breaths go in, then you check for pulse and continue rescue breaths, if the breaths didn't go in, you reposition the head and try again, and if they didn't go in again, you do compressions on the person, then check their mouth for anything, if there is you get it out then do rescue breaths, and if the breaths don't go in you start again. If there isn't anything in the mouth you give 2 rescue breaths then compressions and look again and so on. What work. I would mess up at least 2 steps everytime. So I can get you off the bottom of the pool but I cant get you breathing again. Sorry. Haha.


  1. WOW....that does sound insanely hard. I would screw it up too. I'll just remember not to drown around you...haha... I'm sure you'll make a good lifeguard. You've almost got the hang of it! Well...I'm off to finish my seven page paper that's due tomorrow! bye

  2. Seven page paper! It's 11:34! You are a slacker.