Saturday, March 5, 2011

Movie Beastly

I just went and saw the movie Beastly this afternoon. It's not too bad, well not as bad as the critics said. Now I am watching Flags of Our Fathers to clear the sappy out of my system. Haha.
Well this movie is an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. So you pretty much know the storyline (unless you're a weirdo and don't know Beauty and the Beast and you had a poor childhood). This dude Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) is the cool and hottest dude in school and he uses that to get everything he wants. In his home life, his dad is a famous newsanchor and doesn't pay attention to his son at all. Well Alex disses on this crazy witch girl and she puts a spell on him that makes him ugly. He has to find somebody to love him by the end of the year or he will stay that way forever. Well this girl he met at school named Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens) who he kind of likes. When he goes all ugly, he stalker-like watches her window. One night, she goes looking for her dad who is getting threatened by a drug dealer. Kyle saves her from getting shot by the dude and her dad kills one of the drug dealers and the other dealer says he will hunt down Lindy and kill her. So Kyle tells her dad that she can live with him and he will keep her safe. Well that is where the movie gets going on the finding true love crap.
The movie ultimatly was good but had a bunch of really corny parts and things that made me say, "Oh gosh." Rottentomatoes gave the movie a 17%, but I say that this is a movie for teenage girls (concidering that I am a teenagers for a couple more weeks) who want to be entertained, so I mostly liked it. I would give this movie a 65%. Besides, it has a really hot guy in it. :) And Neil Patric Harris is in it and he is pretty funny (and kind of cute). I say go see this movie if you just want a sappy girl movie to entertain you.
Now I will get back to my war movie and be sure to check my blog out next week as I go see more movies over my spring break. :)

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