Sunday, March 27, 2011

Epic Cake Failure

Well Friday was my birthday and I wanted to put up a picture of the epic cake failure. I still love the cake because of the effort put in and the awesome storyline of the picture and how awesome the cake came out.
I came home from class and they hadn't started the cake so they ran into their room as soon as I came home. I was going home to see a movie and they hid my keys to distract me and they had to delay me. Well I told them I was going to leave cause I found my keys and they told me not to leave. So they brought out the cake and told me it was suppose to be a Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Supernatural cake. They showed me the picture of what it was suppose to be and I laughed incredibly hard. Well here is the picture. Try to figure it out.
Ahhhhh! The picture didn't come out. Well you can still sort of see it.

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