Monday, March 7, 2011

Killers Movie

This weekend, I watched the movie Killers with Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher. The movie was alright and I kind of enjoyed it. The movie was about a women, Jen (Heigl), on a vacation in Nice, France with her parents and meets a man, Spencer (Kutcher). Spencer is a secret CIA agent and decides to get out of the killing business and marries Jen. Three years later, Spencer's old boss calls him for help. Spencer says no, but when people come to kill him, he has to check it out. Jen gets pulled in the middle of this all and goes with Spencer. They go to see his old boss, but he is dead. So they have to fight off a ton of assassins and find out why there is a 20 million dollar bounty on Spencer.
The movie had lots of action with a car chase and lots of shooting and fighting. If you like action, this is a good movie and if you like comedy, this movie was mildly funny. The twist at the end that will make you gasp. And I normally don't like Ashton Kutcher, but he actually looked good in this movie. So that is another reason to watch this movie. :)

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