Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Am Number Four = Good

Saw the movie I Am Number Four and it was a good movie. My parents said that it looked like a teen movie (which it is) but they ended up liking it. There was action, a crappy and pushed romance, hot dudes, and aliens. My kind of movie, except for the crappy romance.
The movie starts off with Number Three killed by Mogadorians and Number Four (Alex Pettyfer) sees it and gets a burn with Number Three's sign on his leg. Number Four is an alien child from another planet that got destroyed by Mogadorians. The nine children that came to Earth with guardians are special and have special powers. They have to keep hiden or the Mogadorians will kill them and take over Earth. Some people see the burn and his guardian, Henri (Timothy Olyphant) moves them to Paradise, Ohio. There, Number Four/John meets some new people. Sarah, the photographer girl who was part of the cool crowd but now is not and John likes her, Sam, the geek who everyone picks on and becomes Johns friend, and Mark (Jake Able), the jock who is mean to John and used to date Sarah. While in Paradise, Henri is looking into a guy who used to help the good guys and is the dad of Sam. Sam and his dad would go looking for the aliens. Well John blows his cover and the Mogadorians find him but Number Six also finds him and they team up.
This movie was super cool with a bunch of hot dudes and action. If you like either, go see the movie. This movie was based on a book that was recently written and there looks to be more books the way and more movies by the way this one ended, which rocks. The romance was super cheesy and kind of forced and fake. There were some parts where I did roll my eyes, but over all it wasn't super corny. There was also a dog!
I hope you all go and see it.
I Am Number Four Featurette

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