Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I like dinosaurs.

I went to Walmart today so we could get things for one of our roommates. We had fun a were crazy. But while I was there I returned an audio cable that i though would work to hook my computer to my tv. Well it didn't work and I got another cable. Well that one doesn't work either. So I bought the right one on the internet. Well at Walmart Jurassic Park was in the $5 movie box so I got it. I like this show it rocks. I am watching it right now. The book is way super awesome too. The book is by Michael Chriton. He is the shiziest science fiction writer. I like dinosaurs cause they are crazy awesome and the T-Rex is awesome and so are the Raptor.


  1. Haha....I watched that about 4 months ago. I love all the music. John Williams is the man!